Austro-Hungarian / Lomellinian Alliance

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The Austro-Hungarian / Lomellinian Alliance is a diplomatic alliance established on 3 September 2014 between the Principality of Lomellina and the Empire of Austria-Hungary. It consists of a mutual recognition, political trust and diplomatic alliance treaty.

Country comparison

Principality of Lomellina Empire of Austria-Hungary
Population 17 ?
Area 2683.741 km² (1036.2 mi²) ~ 676,615 sq ft
Capital Castello di Valle Vienna and Budapest
Largest city Scandia Colles Vienna
Government Absolute Monarchy, Principality Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
First Leader Ansaldo I da Lomellini Franz Joseph I of Austria
Current Leader D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer Oskar I von Habsburg-Lothringen-Este
Official languages Italian (de jure) Portugese (de facto) English (de facto, unofficial)
Official religions Deism n/a