Ausverian Revolutionary Guard

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Ausverian Revolutionary Guard
Flag of the Guard
ActiveOctober 23rd, 2020 - Present
AllegianceAusverian Reichswehr
RoleTo defend Ausveria and the Fatherland Party
PatronSt. Micheal
ColorsRed, Gold, and Blue
EquipmentMosin Nagant M91/30
Airsoft Makarov
EngagementsSayville Raid

The Ausverian Revolutionary Guard (commonly abbreviated as RG) is a Military branch of the Ausverian Reichswehr, originally acting as a regiment of the Army it was made a separate branch on the first of September 2021.



The Revolutionary Guard was officially formed on October 23rd 2020 by executive order of Chancellor Fredrick M. to defend Ausveria and aid in the Tungsten-MACP War. On October 21st the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard Raided the Area of Sayville and set up Reichskommissariat Sayville (Ausveria), this event marked the shift of the RG from being a territorial defense force to an offensive one.

Ausverian Civil War

During the Ausverian Civil War no members of the RG defected to rebel factions however the Revolutionary Guard arsenal in the capital was temporarily captured by Polucavillean separatists who seized large amounts of arms and ammunition which they used until the end of the conflict. To this date many of the captured weapons remain unaccounted for.

Revolutionary guard soldier in M21 summer uniform with Mosin Nagant rifle