Autonomous Protectorate Community of Cristo

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Autonomous Protectorate Commmunity of Cristo
Blue background, blue cross
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
CapitalKing John's house
Official languagesEnglish, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian
"Early Christianity"
GovernmentCorporate chambers (In paper only) , Early Christianity(Official)
• Monarch
John Watson
LegislatureThe way of light
Corporate chambers
Advisor ministers
Self proclaimed
• Water (%)
Landlocked country
• Estimate
CurrencyRinggit Malaysia(RM) (RM)
Time zoneEST
Date format09-11-2010;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Community of Cristo is a Corporate chambers micronation that claims its territory in Malaysia under the rule of it's self proclaimed king, under the alias, "James Watson" modeled after the historical king of Bali, Mads Lange. Cristo is populated by roughly an estimated 100 residents, registered under its independent residential committee. The official capital of the Community of Cristo is the King John's house and residents of Cristo are invited to declare a room, or some other building or land belonging to them, to be an embassy or the community administrative buildings.


The state's motto is Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the Lord,and he will give you the desires of your heart. -Psalm 37:3. James Watson originally tried to establish a loyalist, anti-secessionist, christian society by establishing a autonomous, self sustaining, anti-communist, conservative community in his hometown, with the help of his friend, Araj Taswnj, who is now Cristo's Defence and Foreign Affairs minister. Taswnj was chosen for the role for having studied military science and military history, philosophy and science making him the closest thing Watson had as an military advisor.

Watson was influenced by the early Christian community, works of the Italian social movement, King James I, the reformation, and Oliver Cromwell applying it to his community. After a negotiation with the local security guards, persuading the wealthy, well known, and intellectual residents to join him (former government servants etc.), and cooperating with the governmental police, James declared his area to be a protectorate community and set himself to be self titled monarch modeled after Mads Lange in 11 November 2010. The current ruler of Cristo is King John Watson, James's successor.


The autonomous protectorate's community unit of currency is (RM)Ringgit Malaysia. The currency is based on the status quo of the country as a vassal of Malaysia thus, the absence of its own currency. The economy is run and funded privately by Watson's family owned businesses, affiliated companies,and, wealthy residents of Cristo. Cristo's main industry is the Tertiary sector.


The autonomous protectorate Community of Cristo originally consisted of family members and resident friends of Watson who were recruited at a meeting held in various locations. A central parliamentary styled council is formed by Watson to ease the residents issues.Council members appointments have been made by secret meetings via the independent Cristo private council. Several personal "Ministers Advisors" are appointed by Watson himself to help him to administer and advise him in the administration of the community.

Corporate chambers ministers, positions created in 2011, is supposed to be informally elected every three years, with elections held secretly.They are responsible for aiding and offering suggestions to improve Cristo's policymaking. Corporate chambers cannot override the authority of the "ministers advisors", King John watson, and the constitution, thus only limited to suggesting and aiding policymaking process.The monarchy system is modeled after Mads Lange , and has a purely ceremonial role.However, King John Watson has the majority veto vote in Legislature and law making.



Watson has created his own Christian "church" based on what he believes to be the beliefs and principles of the early Christians, based on his belief that modern Christianity is corrupted, full of human made practices, intermixed with pagan traditions, and watered down beliefs. Very little of what he means by this has been made public.


The community takes part and is a member of the Micronational Chess League.


The Cristo's military consists of local security guards co-operating with the police force to act as an internal security force. There is also a number of reserve units to form Cristo's privately owned militia.