Autonomous Republic of Europa

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Autonomous Republic of Europa
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Coat of arms
Motto: Solidarité, Environnement, Equité (French for Solidarity, Environment, Equity
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Official languagesFrench, Esperanto, LSF,
Demonym(s)Europian (Europien)
• (as of 2021 census) census
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This nation is a member of the MicroFrancophonie

Europa, officially the Autonomous Republic of Europa, is a micronation created the 27th June 2017 by Glenn Of Europa, which claims the islands of Europa, Bassas of India.

Its goal is to become the best democracy in the world.


The name Europa come from the first territorial claim made by Glenn Of Europa on the Foundation Day (27 June 2017). But the island's name origin came after the boat's name which discovered the island for the first time, on 24 December 1774.


About the island itself

Even if the island was surely discovered before, it was in 1774 that the British boat Europa officially located it. It was from this event that the newly-discovered territory was named. But during the annexation of Madagascar to the French Colonial Empire, Europa became a french possession.

Despite of his isolated and dry atmosphere, several briefs attempts of colonisation happened from the XIXth century. Until 1949, date of a continual human presence on the island, the history is made of a succession of installation more or less lenghty. The first arrival of french settlers begin in 1880. They inserted especially goats but decided to leave the inhospitable island. In 1903, a people's group lived thanks to fishing and to the picking up of bird's and turtle's eggs. On 1910, a fisherman and hunter's community settled on Europa. Thanks to this period, the territory owe the bring of the sisal's cultivation (Agave sisalana). On 1923, some guy named Dr. Poisson berthed on the island, whitout any living soul.

The building of a meteorological station on 1949 (automated today) was accompanied by a human presence every year. The territorial claims from the Malagasy Governement caused a military arrival who relieved itself all year long, with the aim of insure the french sovereignty. This system still remains today.

None vestige of the island's old buildings are persistant today (as ovens, clothes horse, cisterns...) excepted a cemetery, where several peoples, whose two colonies'womens of 1910.

About the Republic

The Autonomous Republic of Europa is born in 27 June 2017.

Informally founded in a first time by Glenn of Europa the 12th Avril 2017, this latter create his flag the same day.

A new flag is created on October 7, 2020. It features a green turtle, the emblematic animal of Europa Island and Les Eparses; on a red and white cut background.

The micronation's territory was hasardly chosen on Google Earth: "Some mouse scroll wheel movements and the island of Europa introduce itself before me, I had a real firm favorite for this island". During a meal at the parent's house of his childhood friend, Glenn naturally talk about his project to his best friend, Isaac.

Isaac joins the project and is one of the founding fathers of La République autonome d'Europa

The project is to create a simpler, more legitimate and above all very democratic Republic!

The project must achieve two goals:

- “become the best demcocraty in the world.”

- Write a letter to the President of the French Republic, the French Ministry of Overseas Territories and the Senior Administrator of the TAAF - French Southern and Antarctic Lands

The independance and the Europian sovereignty micronational was fully proclaimed the 27th June 2017 and the atoll of Bassas da India was claimed the 31th Mars 2020.

The Provisional Governement was dissolved on 25 June 2020. This event begins the First Europian Republic and the Constitution was revised the next day.

Isaac Bidot is no longer active in micronation, Glenn Of Europa replaced him by Paul-Antoine Longnieux, who was, previously, a National Representative.

The 14th February 2021, Paul-Antoine Longnieux was revealed to be a false identity. After the delivery of several count of indictment, the guilty head of state was dismissed and Glenn of Europa announced the beginning of the Third Republic, a political regime with only one Regent.

Politics and government

There is two governing bodies :

- The Parliement

- The Secretiaries

The Parliement take responsibility for public laws

The Secretiaries the administrative papers

Law and order

According to the Constitution of the 29th December 2019 :

- Article 1. There are 4 types of courts in the Unbowed Republic of Europa: - The Criminal Court (which deals with all crimes: murder, rape, drug trafficking, robbery). - The Social Affairs Court (which handles cases of placement of children or teenagers, divorce, etc.), expulsion...) - The Financial Court (which deals with debt, non-payment of taxes, pension, etc.) food, shops...) - The Crime Court (which deals with all crimes such as: serious violence, theft, harassment). And above that is the High Court, which intervenes to try cases that don't make it through the courts. cited above: Criminal Court, Social Court, Business Court Financial. The High Court also intervenes when defendants appeal several times against the decision. The accused may appeal a maximum of two times to the court concerned, after which they may request a review of their case and a retrial in the High Court.

- Article 2. The High Court shall protect the Constitution, observe whether all laws issued are valid with the values of the Constitution. The High Court may also sue members of the organs of power (Council of Nine, House of the People) and also their Secretaries, the National Representatives, the Territorial Collectivity. The High course is composed of five Prosecutors and may not exceed that number. These five Prosecutors shall together judge all trials.

- Article 3. The persons having the majority shall be chosen by lot to serve as juries, the number of whom is and may not be less than three. exceed the number of 10.

- Article 4. The Unsubjected Republic of Europa may adopt the laws of France when the latter has not yet done so. of legislation necessary to judge or decide a case. The French law fills the European law when it is necessary.

- Article 5. Any sentence proclaimed in a court or in the High Court of Europa and its Republic shall not be subject to any penalty. can be lowered. Any remission of sentence, whether conditional or for good conduct, may not be implemented in our republic. Dura lex, sed lex - The law is hard, but it is the law.

- Article 6. Any "horrible" crime judged by the Criminal Court or the High Court. Can have as consequence: Imprisonment in Europa's only Closed Prison, for a sentence decided by the Court... of Criminal Cases or by the High Court (depending on the seriousness of the crime) + an additional sentence of 20 years. Anyone who has committed a "horrible" crime will have their European nationality withdrawn at the end of their sentence. and will be extradited back to his home country. With no possibility for that person to come back to the soil of our nation.

- Article 7. The Community Police shall arrest any person who has committed a crime or misdemeanour. It ensures that sending the accused to European justice. It ensures the tranquillity of our nation and its people.

- Article 8. Any person arrested for a crime shall be held in custody for 48 hours. The Community Police will take care of the interrogation. And present her before the judge of the Criminal Court.

- Article 9. Any person who has committed a crime shall automatically be brought before the judge of the: Tribunal for Criminal Matters. Nasty. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the offender may be given a suspended sentence or a firm sentence with a maximum penalty of of six years. He or she may have certain obligations upon release from prison, such as psychological counselling, or have curfews...

- Article 10. The role of Europa's justice system is to prevent as much as possible any individual from committing a crime, generally the justice system gives as a sanction fines. Ranging from 50Ey (25€) to 1 000 000Ey (500 000€) at the maximum.

- Article 11. There are three types of prisons in the nation: - Closed Carceral Institution - Open Carceral Establishment - Carceral Institution For Minors

- Article 12. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Any violence against accused, are intolerable and will be prosecuted.

- Article 13. Any person who verbally or physically uses characters or behaviour as a means of Homophobic or LGBTophobic will be prosecuted every time.

- New Constitution to be published soon -

Foreign relations

- Principality of Aigues-Mortes

- Republic of Padrhom

- Principality of Beremagne

- Republic of Jailavera

- Principality of Vandewal

- Hope Kingdom

- Independant State of Nova-Troie

- Luminor Empire

- Principality of Ferthroy

- United Principalities of Lochaber and Glencoe

- Anthophilian Principality


According to the Constitution of 29 December 2019:

- Article 1. The Republic of Europa has as its sole defence the gendarmes of the TAAF, we put the security of our Republic in their hands. There are no European armies or Europian military armaments on the island.

- Article 2. We are nonviolent, our republic manages its internal protection policy only. We delegate external security to the French Republic.

- Article 3. The Constitution formally forbids all persons of the government of our republic to interfere in the politics and affairs of other countries and micronations of the world. Furthermore, our Republic may serve as a referee between two nations in an official match between two countries or Micronations with differences.

- Article 4. Europa being neutral, it is therefore impossible for it and its government to participate in a war or start a war of his own free will. No country or Micronations of the world cannot go to war with the Unsubmissive Republic of Europa. It is important to respect our neutrality.


The territorial claims consists in :

- Europa Island, which is a part of the archipelago Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean. Its area is 28 km². It was claimed at the Foundation Day, the 27th June 2017.

- The Atoll Bassas da India, located in the Mozambique canal, measuring 0,200 km² on 31 March 2020.

Culture and media

The sole europian media is the Youtube channel of the Republic.




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