Autonomy of the Realms Party

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Autonomy of the Realms Party
HeadquartersEmpire of Holcetaea

The Autonomy of the Realms Party is a political party within the Empire of Holcetaea. The AR stands for Autonomy of the Realms.


As the name suggests, the party advocates decentralization and putting more power in the hands of the Empire's sub-realms. They advocate eliminating the Seanad Holcetaea and having the assemblies elect ministers to advise the Emperor on the administration of individual sub-realms.


The AR party currently is supported by Prince James of Icenia and King Steven of Eastern Holcetaea and some of their representatives.


The AR party has majorities in the Icenian Assembly and the Attacotian Assembly. In Eastern Holcetaea and Novantaea, the assemblies are currently in a deadlock. This is due to the AR Party wielding more power in Eastern Holcetaea due to a King who supports the AR Party.