Ayane Martinez

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President of the USF
In office:
17 December 2019 – 20 October 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
General Secretary of Fosalk
In office:
30 January 2022 – 24 March 2023
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Ministress of Economy, Labor, and Trade (Pinang)
Assumed office:
19 February 2023
President of the Republic Cadno
Prime Minister Tobey Wyles
Predecessor Rafe Burfield
Personal information
Partner Jess Luna
Born 23 June 2006
Political party PCP 2023–Present
Religion Nordic Heathenry

Ayane Martinez is a founder of the United States of Friendship, The first and only Volkspräsident of the United States of Friendship, and former General Secretary of the SSRF. She was also the Revolutionary Leader of the United States of Friendship October Revolution.

Political career


Stand Martinez became president of the Provisional government while the United States of Friendship. Constitution was written and was then elected as the first Volkspräsident with 75% of the votes. She served her term throughout 2020 before being appointed to another term by the House of Representatives due to the 2020 Economic Crisis.


On 20 October 2021 she declared that she was going to lead the workers against the House of Representatives which at this point had been mainly inactive. After an hour of protests against the House of Representatives, the House gave in and the United States of Friendship was now under the control of the Revolutionary Government. The Revolutionary Government is rewriting the constitution and completely changing the government and economic structure of the United States of Friendship.

General Secretary of the SSRF

After the ratification of the SSRF constitution on 30 January 2022, Ayane Martinez was appointed as General Secretary of the Fosalkan Communist Party giving her de-facto presidency of the country until an Ammendment in April 2022 reorganized the political structure of the nation to replace the presidency with a General Secretary position. She would remain in this position until the dissolution of the SSRF on 24 March 2023 due to increasing inactivity among the government and citizens.

Personal life

Ayane Martinez was born on 23 June 2023 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is a follower of Nordic Heathenry and Animist Syncretism.


She would move to Florida for six years of her life where she was diagnosed with petit mal seizures caused by epilepsy. As a result of this diagnosis she was pulled out of school to be homeschooled until she was no longer experiencing seizures. She was undiagnosed at the age of 11 but still experiences moments of absence and memory loss. In December 2022 she was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.


At age 13 she would come out as non-binary and asexual before coming out as transgender on her 14th birthday, coming out as a lesbian in 2021, and out as pseudosexual in November 2022.


She works as a linguist, songwriter, and YouTuber, with 162 subscribers on her channel "Ayane the Furry." She is very passionate about her work and loves sharing her passions and projects. She is currently on a social media hiatus after experiencing mental health issues caused by the stress brought on by American anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ laws that affect her personally and many of her friends and family.


Martinez is an eager activist and a proud member of the environmentalist, LGBTQ+ rights, feminist, and labor movements. She is passionate about writing papers highlighting the problems faced by America and relates them to socialist theory as well as social theories she has developed herself alongside her partner, who studies psychology and sociology.