Azorean Army

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The Azorean Army is the primary ground defence force in the Azorean Republic and is a branch of the Armed Forces of Azore.

Azorean Army
Founded19th of February 2022
Current form19th of February 2022
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence, Paradiznia
Commander-in-ChiefLuke of Wellmoore
Minister of DefenceNone Appointed
Chief of the General StaffNone Appointed
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0


The Azorean Army was established on the 19th of February 2022 to help defend the Azorean Republic.


The primary role of the Azorean Army is to act as the Republic's primary ground defence and warfare force.


The Army recruits from the Azorean population directly.

Entry Requirements

Typical entry requirements for the Azorean Army include:

  • Be of the Minimum Age of 16
  • Be in a Sound State of Mind
  • Meet the Army's Fitness Criteria


The Azorean Army consist of two types of soldier, Officers and Enlistees. Each have their own specific role within the army.


Officers make up the bulk of the cadre of the Army and make up the most of the Army Board. Officers receive a commission from the President and/or the Senate upon their successful completion of training.

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