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Azwariq Qadri
1st and 3rd President of Subejia
Assumed office
23 June 2021
Vice PresidentMohd Salleh
Preceded byTan Sri Kennedy (has resigned before appointed as 2nd President of Subejia)
In office
28 February 2021 – 24 May 2021
Preceded byMohd Salleh (as 11th King of DKS)
Succeeded byTan Sri Kennedy (has resigned before appointed as 2nd President of Subejia)
1st Governor of Subejia City
Assumed office
23 June 2021
Preceded byOffice established
1st Chair of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association
In office
24 July 2021 – 1 January 2023
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byThomas Jacobs
Ezraian roles
1st Minister of Health of the Union of Ezraia Socialist Republic
In office
2 April 2021 – 24 May 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byUnknown
Subejian roles
1st, 4th and 6th Prime Minister of Subejia
In office
c. 2020 – 28 February 2021
Acting: 2020 – 28 February 2021
MonarchMohd Salleh (after Azwariq Qadri resigned as King of Subejia)
Preceded byOffice established
Puteri Shamie
Tan Sri Kennedy
Succeeded byMohd Que Danie
Tan Sri Kennedy
President of the Republic of Subejia
In office
c. 2020 – 28 February 2021
MonarchsMohd Salleh (de jure)
Elizabeth II (de facto)
Preceded byPost established
Succeeded byPost abolished
Himself (as President of the Democratic Republic of Subejia)
Roscami roles
Governor of Audoù-an-Arvor
Assumed office
30 January 2023
Preceded byNyck Bradaten
Other positions
Supreme Justice of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association
In office
6 January 2021 – 1 March 2022
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byEzra
Faction represented in Dewan Rakyat Subejia
2020–2021Syafikah Party
2021–2022Socialist Malay Party of Subejia
2022–Gabungan Parti Sosialis Subejia
Personal details
Born2 February 2008 (2008-02-02) (age 16)
Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Citizenship Malaysia
Political party SEMASA (2021–present)
Other political
Gabungan Parti Sosialis Subejia (GPSS) (since 2022)
Richensland Party (RP) (since 2022)
Republican Bloc (2022–2023)
ParentSalinawati (mother)
Military service
Allegiance Subejia
Branch/serviceSubejian Royal Army
Years of service2020-present
Battles/wars Operation The End
Azwariq Qadri
King of Subejia
Reign18 March 2020 - 2021
Installation13 March 2020
PredecessorRaja Sasuke
SuccessorMohd Salleh
Tuanku Muhammad Qadri I
ReligionSunni Islam

Azwariq Qadri bin Azizam (Jawi: أزوراق قدري بن عزيزعام; born 2 February 2008) is a Malaysian micronationalist who currently is the president of the Democratic Republic of Subejia. He is the leader of the Socialist Party of Subejia and Gabungan Parti Sosialis Subejia. He is also referred to as the "Father of the National Unity" (Bapa Perpaduan Negara). He previously served as the 1st president of the Democratic Republic of Subejia prior to the 2021 Subejian presidential election, as he resigned to give space to the presidential election.

He also involved in other micronations, such as Ezraia, Richensland and Roscamistan, in which he has served as the Minister of Health of the Union of Ezraia Socialist Republic. He is also involved in the government junta of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, while Aidan McGrath served as President of Richensland.

He also served as the Member of the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Subejia before the adoption of the constitution. He also served as the governor of Subejia City and governor of Audoù-an-Arvor.

Early life

Azwariq Qadri was born in Kuala Lumpur to Salinawati, his mother. He is the youngest child in his family, he had a sister, Qistina, and a brother, Syafiq. He attended preschool at Sekolah Kebangsaan (Perempuan) Jalan Batu. After attended in preschool and graduated, he attended primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan (Lelaki) Jalan Batu. Prior to his micronation career, Subejia was his idea while playing outside with himself.

Early micronational career

He started his micronation career after inspired from his idea. He was influenced by Malaysia's history. He found out about Sealand on YouTube and he felt interested. He also found out about Molossia on a YouTube channel called "Derek Adam Thomas" and that video made him even more interested in the micronational world. He was acting being Raja Sasuke and his soldiers. On 18 March 2021, he established Subejia with his cousins during MCO.

Foundation of Subejia

Azwariq founded Subejia on 18 March 2020. Originally a monarchy, Azwariq was the King of Subejia until an unknown date. He also appointed Mohd Que Danie as Prime Minister.

Abdication and aftermath

Azwariq abdicated as King of Subejia. It was replaced by Mohd Salleh. It is currently vague because there is no reasons about Azwariq's abdication. After his abdication, he declared war on Taqim Union. The war was vague and it was the beginning of the Subejian Civil War.

Subejian Civil War

Subejian Civil War started after Azwariq declared war on Taqim Union. However, Taqim Union lost in the war and won by the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia. After that, Azwariq founded the Republic of Subejia and declared war on the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia. However, the Republic of Subejia failed to declared independence. Thus, the Democratic Republic of Subejia was founded. After many delays, the Democratic Republic of Subejia declared independence on 28 February 2021, which is called February Revolution, as its predecessor was originally a monarchy.

Presidency (2021–present)

First term (2021)

During his first presidency, he declared independence on 28 February 2021. Later, the 2021 Subejian presidential election originally took place on 24 May 2021. However, he dissolved Syafikah Party as he couldn't win in the election. Originally, Tan Sri Kennedy won the election, but after he think carefully, he did not sworn in as President. Later, the second round took place on 20 June 2021. Azwariq Qadri won against Shahibullah by uncontested voting. It is classified as sham election, even though there is just two voters voted on this election.

De jure second term (2021–present)

Azwariq sworn in as President on 23 June 2021. Mohd Salleh became Azwariq's vice president. He also appointed Basri as Minister of Defence.

First 100 days

Azwariq founded SEAMA after noticing the inactivity of the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia. He also founded SEAMGF, which is inspired by the Southeast Asia Games Federation.

Foreign relations

Azwariq started diplomatic relations with Ezraia, which is called Erkian-Subekian Pact. Originally a pact, Subejia started to have diplomatic relations with other micronations. He also recognised the State of Bascal after its dissolution. However, the pact between Ezraia has been dissolved. Later, on 24 July 2021, Azwariq founded SEAMA with Ezra.

Adoption of the constitution

The constitution has been adopted on 1 June 2022.[1] Thus, the 2022 Subejian presidential election took place on 10 June 2022. He won uncontested again. Although and still ironically, the inauguration is postpone until the micronation is at stagnant and inactivity status.

Other micronational career

Southeast Asian Micronational Association

He is the founder of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association and became Chair on 24 July 2021. During his term as Chair, he prematurely declared war on People's Fascist of Nabilia. The war was indeed a mistake. He later signed peace treaty to the People's Fascist of Nabilia. Later, he resigned as Chair on 17 December 2021.

On 6 January 2022, he issued the writs of election and also announcing his candidacy in the election.

The campaign logo that was used for the election.

After Richensland joined SEAMA, Azwariq chose Nyck Bradaten as his running mate. On 9 February 2022, he won against the then-de facto vice-chair, Ezra.

On 10 February 2022, Azwariq established the Southeast Asian Micronations Film and Entertainment Rating Board. He elected Kim Il Sung, the Emperor of Han Raya Empire, as chief executive officer.

On 18 February 2022, he ratified the charter. The charter was drafted after the election and the charter was amended. On 1 March 2022, he was inaugurated as Chair for the second term. During his second term, he cancelled the 2022 SEAM Games and May 2022 election.[2][3] He also presented reforms in the organisation, such as charter reforms. He also grew the organisation a lot.

Later, he was replaced by Thomas Jacobs, after Thomas won uncontested in December 2022 election.


He became Richensland citizen on 31 July 2022 through application. He involved in the government junta of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, after he was invited by Aidan McGrath, president of Richensland. After that, he requested presidential pardon for involving in the government junta.

On 1 February 2023, after President Nyck Bradaten was elected, he proposed and later appointed Azwariq Qadri as Secretary of Internal Affairs and Technology.


He became Roscamistan citizen on 31 December 2022 through application. He involved in the 2023 Senate election and officially run for Senate on the same date he got his citizenship. He lost the Senate election to Nyck Bradaten.

During the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat, he realised that the Republican Bloc is dissolved and merged with the Roscami Democratic Patriot Front. He did not involved in such coup d’état in Roscamistan. Following the presidency of Ali Farrokhzad, he tried to run in the presidential election and Seanad election, but later rejected. After the second coup, he later became independent candidate for gubernatorial election for Audoù-an-Arvor. However, Nyck Bradaten did not run for re-election for governor. Azwariq won the election uncontested. On 30 January 2023, he took the oath of office as the governor of Audoù-an-Arvor.

Later, he was elected as Overseas Senator for Audoù-an-Arvor, alongside with Nyck Bradaten.


Web series

Year Title Director Writer Executive
Creator Notes
2021– Chemist Fight No No No Director [a]

Feature films

Year Title Executive
Writer Director Notes
2022 History of Subejia Yes Yes Unknown
Chemist Fight: Bigger, Longer and Remaked! Yes No Yes Pre-production

Acting roles

Year Title Role Produced by Notes
2021– Chemist Fight Nerdify X Punch Animation
Duniaworld Studios
2022 History of Subejia Himself
Raja Sasuke
Duniaworld Studios Director, creator and pre-production
Chemist Fight: Bigger, Longer and Remaked! Nerdify X[d] Punch Animation
Duniaworld Studios

Military career

During the Subejian Civil War, he officially served in the Subejian Royal Army. He served as Commander during that time. He was promoted to General after the North Korea-Ezraia War (also known as The First Coalition). During the Operation The End, he later promoted to Commander in-chief.

Political career, positions and views

He served as Prime Minister of the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia after he abdicated as the King of Subejia. His grandfather, Mohd Salleh, took over his position and became King of Subejia. He then started a political party called Syafikah Party. He dissolved the party during fourth Presidential Election of Subejia. He then reassembled all members of Syafikah Party except his brother, in which created the Subejia Anti-Destruction Guerilla. He sworn in as the 1st President of Subejia during the Proclamation of Independence and sworn in as 3rd President of Subejia during fifth presidential election of the Democratic Republic of Subejia.

Political affiliations

Political positions

Logo of the Socialist Party of Subejia
The Socialist Party of Subejia (formerly known as Subejia Anti-Destruction Guerilla and Socialist Malay Party of Subejia), in which was formed by Azwariq, has wields significant dominance over Subejia.

He described himself as democratic socialist, Islamic democrat and liberal conservative. During his time as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia, he is an authoritarian, in which, he became de facto dictator of the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia prior to his abdication to his grandfather Mohd Salleh.

Israel and Palestine

Azwariq has always opposed the recognition of Israel, as he is a Muslim. He is also pro-Palestinian supporter and rejected Israeli government as the legitimate government. Although, he never thought anything about the Israel–Palestine crisis, he supported Palestine as the legitimate state and should be able to became the United Nations member, rather being an observer.

LGBT issues

Christina I & II
Christina I & II, being a subject by Azwariq to opposed LGBT rights and Cycoldian imperialism.

Azwariq has opposed same-sex marriage and sexual intercourse, as accordance to Sharia law. His opposition can be seen on the first and second edition of the Charter of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association, in which also opposed Cycoldian imperialism. He also rejected to discussing about LGBT issues and its rights.

Controversies and issues

Rockhingnya remarks

He was a racist when he was the Prime Minister of Subejia. He stated the people that are not from Subejia should be known as "Rockhingnya".[e]

Declaring war on the government

He also declared war on Subejia's government which was known as "Operation Razif" (Operasi Razif) but then it failed. He tried again in Operation Razif 2.0 with the same results. He also declared war on Taqim Union but Taqim Union wasn't established by Mustaqim.

Enforcement of King Act

On 28 February 2021, while Subejia declared independence, he also enforced King Act. King Act was an Acts of Parliament in Subejia which is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Subejia will be abolished but his rule as Yang di-Pertuan Agong is not abolish. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Subejia in that time was Tuanku Mohd Salleh. However, this Act of the Parliament of Subejia was abolished due to de facto dissolution of Subejia.

LGBT remarks

On 4 January 2023, at the Grand Unified Micronational's Discord server, he hoped that "she [Christina I & II] wouldn't criticise him [due to its LGBT rights]" Later, he hoped "she wouldn't DM me to resist me [sic]" after Chair Shiro called out that "she's fall asleep now". Also, he called out the comment as "Qatar moment" referred to the 2022 FIFA World Cup controversy.

Screenshot of Azwariq Qadri's message
Screenshot of Azwariq Qadri's message referring to Christina I & II.

The next following day, Christina I & II later responded that "the comment is unnecessary" "I never interact with Mr. Qadri" she said. Later, Horatio Eden stated that he "distinctly did not happy with that" and then, James Frisch called out Subejia as "scuzzy".

Personal life

He is openly Muslim and has been critised for opposition to the LGBT community. Formerly, he wished to be a successful animator as he was inspired by Alan Becker in late 2017, later he excited to become a lawyer, after getting inspired from the video game Ace Attorney and TV show Better Call Saul.

Azwariq's family is of Malay and Iban descent.[f]


  1. The series has been cancelled due to lack of episodes.
  2. He debuted in Season 2.
  3. The series has been cancelled due to lack of episodes.
  4. Some various characters in the film will be play by himself.
  5. Rockhingnya is a parody from a word called Rohingya.
  6. His grandmother is an Iban descent.


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