Badu Park Civil War

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Badu Park Civil War
Badu Park.jpg
Badu Park
Date26 September 2020 - 28 September 2020
Badu Park

Japitty Cumquat is victorios

  • Citizens lose the ability to sell sheep

Badu Park Municipal Government

Supported by:
Republic of Xahastan

People's Front
Badu Park Municipal People's Defence Force:

  • Badu Park Municipal People's Navy
  • Badu Park Municipal People's Army
  • John Cumquat
Supported by:
Badu Park Municipal People's Air Force (excluding Dick Smith)
Commanders and leaders

President General Colonel Japitty Cumquat

Dick Smith

Gerald Ballsniffer (People's Front)
Sailor Bjorn

John Cumquat
9 15
Casualties and losses
0 Badu Parkians killed
0 Badu Parkian Injured
0 Rebels killed, 1 protester killed
1 Rebel Injured
0 civilians killed

The Badu Park Civil War was fought between the Badu Park Municipal Government and the Badu Park Armed Forces over the right to sell sheep. The Badu Park Municipal Government was victorious.


On 24 September 2020, the Badu Park Armed Forces began protesting in Badu Park Chair, as Japitty Cumquat, on behalf of the "democratic government" passed the controversial Sheep Trading Act (2020) which prohibits the selling of sheep without a license. Initially, the protest was unnoticed by Japitty, but when Japitty's son, John Cumquat became a leading figure in the protest, Japitty began the process of dissolving the protest. Japitty sent the Badu Park Secret Police protected by a detachment of his Presidential Guard to put down the protest by any means necessary, and the Secret Police arrested the leader of the protest, John Cumquat, who was returned to the Presidential Palace to be reprimanded by Japitty and then grounded. One other protester was arrested after he hit a Secret Police officer with a stick, and was charged with treason. He was tired in the Badu Park Supreme Court and was treated as a political prisoner. He was publicly executed by firing squad on 25 September 2020.

Escalation of Tensions

Sailor Bjorn emerged as the leader of the movement. Sailor Bjorn was a sailor in the Badu Park Municipal People's Navy before he joined the protestors, after his dreams of becoming a Badu Parkian Sheep Trader were crushed.