Bank of Timeria

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Bank of Timeria
Banco de Timeria
Logo of the Bank of Timeria

Headquarters Hermenepolis

Central Bank of Timeria
Currency Dinar of Timeria
Currency Code DNT

Governor Iamus Selagus
Vice-Governor Iamus Selagus

Establishment 2003

Website Site of the Bank of Timeria

The Bank of Timeria (Spanish: Banco de Timeria) is the central bank of Timeria and was established in the spring of 2003. It is located in the capital city, Hermenepolis.


The Bank of Timeria is the public institution in charge of the emission of the criptocurrency, the dinar, in addition to regulating the economy of the micronation.

The main occupation of the Bank is to safeguard the value of the dinar and to guard the stability of the prices across different instruments between which they emphasize the interest rates. The value of the dinars expressed by the Bank is endorsed by the quantity that the users can claim for storage of digital contents. The Bank maneuvers this way simultaneously like moderator and like deposit of the contents that the users of the timerian economy in dealing with space for dinars.