Bannin Defence Force

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Bannin Defence Force
Siły Obronne Bannina (Polish)
MottoIf you wish for peace, prepare for war.
Founded7 November 2022; 10 months ago (2022-11-07)
Service branchesBannin Ground Defence Force
Bannin Cyber Security
HeadquartersNurburg, Bannin
Commander-in-ChiefKing Tiberius I
Military age16 for residing citizens, 13 for overseas citizens
Available for
military service
3, age 13-49
Fit for
military service
3, age 13-49
Active personnel1
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
Percent of GDP0%
Foreign suppliersUnited Kingdom

The Bannin Defence Force (Polish:Siły Obronne Bannina), in Ukraine most commonly known as BDF, are the defence forces of Bannin. All defence forces and security forces, are under the command of the King of Bannin. The defence forces were formed in 2022.

Bannin’s Defence Forces are composed of two branches, Bannin Ground Defence Force and Bannin Cyber Security.