Barbettian Arts and Culture Show

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The Barbettian Arts and Culture show is a cultural display of Barbettia, held regularly for both Barbettians and foreigners to learn about the Empire of Barbettia. It is typically begun with a speech or opening statement, leading into a tour with Barbettian music, and artifact displays. Art is also displayed, and the literature section of the show is currently on the rise. The Barbettian Arts and Culture Show, or BACS, is a new part of Barbettia. It was first held in April, 2016, and is held on a regular basis since then.

List of Events

  • Vocal music and national anthem
  • Art
  • Instrumental music
  • Artifacts (coins, constitution, and other important government artifacts)
  • Symbols (flags, coat of arms, explanations of the former,)
  • Literature (primarily poetry)
  • Refreshment

The organizers of the event may choose whether to add or take away something from the program, though vocal music, the national anthem, artifacts, and symbols are required as part of the show.


The Barbettian Arts and Culture Show has been well-received by the foreigners and citizens of Barbettia. It has gained much support for the nation, and is considered one of the most important events that the Empire hosts.