Batavian Empire

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Batavian Empire
Betuwe Rijk (Dutch)
Flag of Batavia
Coat of arms of Batavia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Merck toch hoe sterck"
Anthem: "Wilt heden nu treden"
Batavian claims in red
Batavian claims in red
CapitalNew Leonard
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesFrench
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Jacob Vancapelle
• Empire established
5 November 2022
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Batavian Empire, also known as Batavia (/bəˈtviə/ Dutch: Betuwe, Dutch:/ˈbe:tyʋə/) is micronation scattered across North America. It was founded on 5 November 2022 under King Jacob Vancapelle, in order to unite all territories that had origins within Faltree, Vulhalin, and partially Tueoedeth. Batavia shares borders with Faltree, Apalona, Nortenland, and Ausveria. Batavia has a population of 21, with a partial amount living in actual territorial claims. Batavia is heavily influenced by the Netherlands and has deeper influences from the State of Faltree in dishes, media, and literature. The country's official language is English, with Dutch as a secondary official language. Spanish and French are recognised regional languages and are the least spoken within the country. The four largest cities in Batavia are New Leonard, Wasusu, Crekestreek, and Wyckoff. New Leonard is the nominal capital and the most populous.

Batavia is a member of the Korp Sector, a micronational sector founded by Vancapelle in 2020, and the Einheitspakt, which has formalized many of Batavia's relations. The country is also the largest by area in the Korp. Despite originating from mainly democratic micronations, Batavia is an absolute monarchy. As of 2022, the key trading partners of Batavia are the United States and both the Mennonite and Amish population in Maryland.


Batavia was named after the Batavi Germanic tribe, which inhabited the Batavian region during the Roman Empire; at the time, it was believed that the tribe was the ancestors of the Dutch people. The Batavians came to be regarded as their ancestors during their national struggle for independence during the Eighty Years' War. The name was revived in the atmosphere of Romantic nationalism in the late eighteenth-century reforms that saw a short-lived Batavian Republic and, in the colony of the Dutch East Indies, a capital that was named Batavia.



The prehistory of the area that Batavia now resides in was largely shaped by the State of Faltree and the former micronations established prior by Vancapelle. The oldest trace of any culture seen in modern-day Batavia is Natlin, with its name deriving from the word "Halin", which is a misspelled variant of the name "Holland". In early 2022, Vancapelle established the Calverlins, which would later end up becoming the groundwork of Batavia.

Formation and early expansion


Batavia is an absolute monarchy, with all authority being granted to the Crown except certain positions, such as the stadtholder of Breuckelen. The nation is, as a result, hereditary. Jacob Vancapelle is the head of the state as the Monarch and holds all executive, legislative, and judicial powers. He is not able to be held responsible to any members of the government under his ruling.

Administrative divisions

The Batavian Empire is divided into 4 provinces. Most of the provinces take their name from earlier micronations or cities of similar locations. All provinces are governed by the king, with the exception of Sais, which is governed by Isaac J. White.

Province Location Population Capital
Calvert Maryland 4 New Leonard
Crekee Maryland 0 Wasusu
Trafford Pennsylvania 2 Owens
Sais Kentucky 1 Lodewijk


Name Location Population Capital
 Breuckelen New York 13 Wyckoff
Passeonkquis Rhode Island 1 None
Bergachtig Montana 0 None
Stonefort Rhode Island, Maryland 0 Mumin

Culture and demographics

Foreign relations

Batavia is a member of Einheitspakt, making it formally aligned with members within it. Faltree is the only micronation that Batavia has established relations with outside the organization.

Formal relations

Informal relations


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