Battle Weapon 303

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Battle Weapon 303
Studio album by Scott Harwood
Released1st October 2011
RecordedSeptember–October 2011, The Bedroom, Republic of Taigh a Bata
GenreElectronica, Big Beat, Berlin School, Ambient
ProducerScott Harwood

Battle Weapon 303 is the sixteenth album by Scott Harwood. The album was released on the Shedpop label on the 1st of October 2011.


The album was entirly recorded in The Bedroom, Republic of Taigh a Bata.


The album is based on one particular set that Harwood had created (but not recorded) whilst travelling to college from the Isle of Arran. It was based on the music of The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno and Moby. 'Battle Weapon 303' is an upbeat dance track, so named because the main sound in the track came from virtual-analogue synthesizer that could replicate a Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. 'Nitrogéne' is an atmospheric track based on the Jean-Michel Jarre song 'Oxygéne Part 2'. 'Space Samba 808', the first track to be released on YouTube, is a samba-based dance track that includes a drum machine that can replicate a Roland TR-808, hence the title. 'Industrial Beats' is a minor dance track which is said to sound more industrial than Kraftwerk. 'Berlin Underground' is a Berlin School piece loosely based on the Tangerine Dream song 'Rubycon'. 'Frippin' Eno Werks Again' is a pun on Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Kraftwerk - the song itself features influences from Brian Eno (the melody and sound) and Kraftwerk (the drum beat from 'Numbers'). 'Pirnmill Underground' is a dance track based on the 'underground' music of the 1990s, albeit with the drum beat from 'Numbers' again.

Track listing

  1. Battle Weapon 303 (04:50)
  2. Nitrogéne (03:45)
  3. Space Samba 808 (06:21)
  4. Industrial Beats (06:58)
  5. Berlin Underground (08:40)
  6. Frippin' Eno Werks Again (06:05)
  7. Pirnmill Underground (05:20)


  • Native Instruments Reaktor 5