Battle of Basketball Court

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Battle of Basketball Court

Battle of Basketball Court location
Date8 May 2020

Surdamian victory

Republic of Surdam Field Natives  Surrendered
Commanders and leaders

Lane Caldwell

Ben Bush
JW  Surrendered
Units involved
Surdamian Military Field Native Army
4 infantry troops 5 infantry troops

The Battle of Basketball Court began on June 10, 2020, when Field Native forces attacked Surdamian forces in the Trench River Valley.



Due to Surdamian rapid expansion in the Trench River Valley, Field Natives began doing raids on Surdamian settlements. Theses raids angered the Surdamina Government. So in response the Surdamian Government sent a small force of men to counter attack the natives.


A map of the Battle of Basketball Court

Around 1:00 pm fighting began. The Surdamina forces where waiting for Field Natives to come from the west, but the Field Natives snuck around and attacked from the East. This caught the Surdamian forces off guard but they quickly adapted. Shot from both sides where fired, but the Surdamian forces had better aim and the Field Natives started to shrink in numbers. At 2:00 pm the firing stopped and the leading Field Native surrendered and the Trench River Valley became part of New Wyoming.