Battle of Bushwood

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Battle of Bushwood
Part of Midlothian War

New German and Kapresh forces holding 3 Weg soldiers against a wall in Downtown Bushwood.
Date16 January 2022
Result New German/Kapresh victory
Democratic Weimar Republic
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Baruh
Jackson I
Kapreburg Matthew Hughes
Wegmat Cole Baird
5 3

The Battle of Bushwood was a battle of the Midlothian War that occurred on 16 January 2022, taking place shortly after the Battle of Jefferson Lake.



Shortly after the Battle of Jefferson Lake, another battle was planned to occur right after. It was decided to fight in Bushwood. They were multiple civilians within Bushwood city limits at the time. Weg commanding officers told the civilians to shelter in place or evacuate, they had a car parked in the parking lot of Bushwood and quickly left the area before fighting quickly began in the city centre.


At first, the battle was going to occur in a manner where Weg forces would attempt to hold down the Madison Capitol Building while New German and Kapresh forces would conduct a siege. If all New German and Kapresh soldiers could enter the building, they would claim victory. This idea was scrapped for a traditional 3-life battle. Fighting began at around 3:50 PM local time. Weg forces attempted to hold down the Madison Capitol Building while New Germans and Kapresh tried to infiltrate. After briefly exchanging fire, it was decided that the Kapresh forces would stay behind and distract Weg soldiers, while New German forces would go around the greater building that is Downtown Bushwood through an alternate entrance, flanking the Wegs from behind. Kapreburg held down the Wegs for a while, and the New German forces successfully entered the building and flanked the Wegs. Kapresh forces were then ordered to enter the building. Fire was exchanged briefly once more, Cole Baird and two other Weg soldiers were captured, and all three were forced to rest on the wall. After short negotiations, the battle was formally concluded and celebrations ensued.

All Weg soldiers were shot in the back while facing the wall, by order of Vladimir Baruh.


After the battle was formally declared over, the New German and Kapresh soldiers celebrated by firing shots into the air, doing a Kapreburger cry, playing sports with objects that were salvaged from the area, and singing Kapreburg Wins Again in Downtown Bushwood.

The provinces of Essef and Madison were taken and occupied by Kapresh and New German forces after the battle, though Bushwood itself was not able to be secured.

Jackson I, who has written various songs about micronationalism, was inspired to write an Anti-Wegmat song after the battle named "Wegs on the Wall". The song opens up with "Listen now Wegs on the wall, we'll take your land and we'll take it all, we'll fight you for eternity if we must". It was partly inspired by "Come Out Ye Black and Tans" and is sung in first person, as if he was speaking to the Wegs and taunting them while they were on the wall during the battle.