Battle of Hermungophia

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Battle of Hermungophia
Conflict: First Misthasian War
Date: 12 March 2008 - 15 March 2008
Place: Kingdom of Misthasia
Outcome: Camurian Occupation of the Kingdom of Misthasia
Royal Camurian Army, Royal Camurian Navy Misthasian Royal Guard
King Ian the Great, Captain O'Kane King Daniel, Lord Moffatt
18 foot soldiers 13 foot soldiers
1 4
Operation Liberation

Lead upto the Battle

After the declaration of war from the Union of Micronational Allies and the coalition invasion, much of the Camurian Armies had swept through the Kingdom of Misthasia, after the Royal Camurian Army had invaded from the South and the Royal Camurian Navy to the North they had over whelmed all of the Royal Misthasian Guard and had become disorginised. King Daniel ordered a large scale retreat back along to the South-East to reorginise. The Royal Guard prepared and the Royal Camurian Army launched an attack to split the defencive line.

The Battle

On 11 March 2008, King Daniel had set up HQ at Waddicar Hill, traditional capital of the Hermungophian district. He set up two defencive lines creating a semi-circle to the North, West and South to defend the town. To the East lay the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. After the Royal Camurian Army broke through the first defencive line they could not get through the second inner line. King Ian the Great ordered Captain O'Kane to attack the undefended East. After landing along the East coast, King Daniel's forces had to thin out to protect the East and it is unknown how, but King Daniel managed to escape. A few hours after the Navy landed the story that King Daniel had gone leaked out and the last forces in the town surrendered.


After the Battle, the town was abandoned and only re-developed when the Misthasian Wheat Foundry was openned. After this battle Camuria gained its first intermcronational territoy and was the start of the Camurian Empire.