Battle of Marioland

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Battle of Marioland
Part of War on Terror in Quebec

Marioland warsite, still an active warsite.
DateMarch 26, 2019
Taylor, Quebec

Québécois government victory

  • Rebels surrender.
  • Marioland remains under Québécois control.
Kingdom of Quebec

Catholic Revolutionary Army rebels

Pro-Terrorists Americans
Commanders and leaders
Aidan I Tyler Boyle
Dylan Sweet
13 5

The Battle of Marioland was the first battle in the War on Terror in Quebec. It took place on March 26, 2019, in Taylor, Quebec. A small group of the Catholic Revolutionary Army that was left to protect the abandoned area. A Quebec Marine Unit spotted a rebel in the north woods and interrogated the rebel. He told them they were protecting Marioland for supply transports of valuable Québécois documents via USB stick. They surrounded the area made the group's rebel leader Dylan Sweet, surrender after he refused peace terms.


King Aidan I of Quebec sent royal orders to recapture the Quebec city of Taylor. as the 1024 Marine Unit was patrolling a nearby forest. The spotted a rebel and tackled him, after so he begged for mercy. He later told the Unit that there was a major rebel hideout at Marioland, a massive site full of old construction pipes. After being led to the location the Battle began.

After asking what was Marioland being used for, the rebel said that it is a post for deliveries of illegal information. The Unit asked what type of illegal information was being sent there. the rebel said it was where USB sticks full of sensitive documents were being held, That was when the Unit leader gave orders to strike Marioland.


After arriving to Marioland, rebel leader, Dylan Sweet declared that all of his comrades shall spread out and attempt to do a form of Guerrilla warfare to defend the post. The Unit went north and the rebels noticed the Unit coming closer. The had an hiden sniper who was shoting from a hidden over grown pipe. after releasing an "Hell-fire" (which is a Quebec tactic where you shoot all at once in one general area), the sniper got up and ran away from the battlefield.

All the others ran away after either being afraid of "Hell-fire" or seeing a rebel fall off a tube and hurting his hand. They surrounded the area made the group's rebel leader Dylan Sweet. Surrendered and was read his rights. Dylan was found hidding in a tube with a Backpack full of rocks. in one of the pockets the Unit found the USB stick. They detained him and the Battle was successfully non-fatal.


Although Sweet had done a Terrorist Crime, The King was contacted and asked what to do with the Group's leader. His orders was to release from government custody after he would answer some questions. he later and returned to another base.