Battle of Orly

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For other Battles of the Grove, see Battle of the Grove (disambiguation).

Battle of Orly
Part of the War of the Orlian Reunification
Memphis, capital of the Grove
Date10–11 December 2010
Result Strategicly indecisive,
tactical Orlian victory,
status quo ante bellum
 Empire of Austenasia
Tsardom of Orly
Commanders and leaders
Austenasia Lord William K., 2nd Baron of Zephyria
No structured leadership
HIH Crown Prince Jonathan)
Austenasia 3

The Battle of Orly, sometimes known as the Third Battle of the Grove, was an invasion and short-lived occupation of part of the recently formed Tsardom of Orly by Austenasian forces led by Lord William of Zephyria, as part of the wider War of the Orlian Reunification.

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of Austenasia, refused to fight against Orly, of which he was Viceroy, and abandoned all of his Austenasian military duties to Lord William. He did not however fight on the Orlian side, but rather called for peace while covertly arranging the Fall of Wrythe.


On the afternoon of 10 December 2010, the 1st Zephyria Commando Platoon of the Austenasian Army invaded Orly from its southern border and occupied a large area of the Grove. The Orlians initially offered no resistance to the imperial troops, there being no hostility by the native Orlians against the Empire, but did not allow William to occupy the Orlian capital of Memphis. Lord William decided not to attempt to take Memphis by force due to the Austenasian force being outnumbered by roughly three to one.

The following day, at roughly 11:00, the Austenasian force again invaded, and successfully occupied Memphis with no Orlian force anywhere to be found. Lord William claimed victory over Orly and the Austenasian force withdrew, but at 13:08 the Austenasian Government received notification that Orly had been retaken by an Orlian force. Crown Prince Jonathan then ordered Lord William not to make any further attacks on Orly.