Battle of Stonebrook Creek

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The Battle of Stonebrook Creek is the first battle in which the Constitutional Fascist State of Elysium participated. It was fought on 20 July 2022. The clash began at approximately 7:00 p.m. and lasted until roughly 9:20 p.m of the same day. The Battle of Stonebrook is significant for the actions of the Fuhrer Reichter Kepler, Chancellor Benjamin Nagrom of the State of Trafalger, and Chancellor of the State of Titania, Alexander the 1st to stop the unknown invaders into the State of Titania. Chancellors Alexander and Benjamin were awarded the Green Dove for their brave actions during the skirmish. What follows is the story of this historic event.

The Spark is Struck

Chancellor Alexander was at home in the State House on his back porch, watching the beginnings of a beautiful Elysian sunset. He was alerted by the sounds of yelling and gunfire in front of his home. Investigating further, he discovered that a member of his family had been killed by a group of men, about five in number, who immediately opened fire on him. Alexander escaped unscathed, and opened fire from within the State House, killing two assailants. He retreated to the command room, where he got in touch with some local micronational mercenaries, after learning that there were no local troops to assist him. They assembled into two squadrons: Squadron One and Squadron Two. There was also a team dedicated to air support, comprised of two people, operating from a private base near the State House.

Battle Begins

After the troops were in order, Fuhrer Kepler was contacted, and asked if the troops had leeway to begin the assault. Fuhrer Kepler declared a battle, and the troops were instructed to "attack mercilessly, and no retreat, under pain of death"(-Fuhrer Kepler). Thus the battle was begun. Chancellor Nagrom was present, being at the Fuhrer's Mansion when the shooting began. The mercs were marched onto a trail after the fleeing assailants, along Stonebrook Creek. They were surprised to encounter a 10-strong resistance force blocking their path. Squad One opened fire, causing the death of half the resistance in a matter of minutes. Upon seeing their comrades fall, the rest of the force began what seemed like a full retreat. Upon orders from the Fuhrer, advised by Nagrom, Squad Two, splitting from Squad One, followed them on their escape route across the creek on kayak, with orders not to let a single one live. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of their boats was sunk by a grenade. Luckily, no friendlies were killed, but explosions began going off all around them. They fought to shore, under direction from Kepler, Alexander, and Nagrom, and washed up to a hostile shore, barren of all forms of cover. They were constantly barraged with round after round of artillery, and Squad Two suffered heavy losses in their first minute ashore.

Battle Intensifies

Squad One was radioed by Squad Two with a desperate plea for help. Squad One began advancing quickly along the creek, until they encountered a choke point, manned by roughly thirty-five enemies. They were fired upon instantly, with an immediate casualty. Meanwhile, the drone team got aerial footage of a base nearby in a field, which appeared to be a local command post. The drone dropped six bombs on the base, killing several bystanding soldiers, and sentries. The drone was shot down on it's return mission, and was destroyed by the enemy. Soon, however the drone team deployed ten more drones to scout the area. 6 of these were shot down, and five were destroyed. With new intel from the drone missions, Fuhrer Kepler ordered a push towards the enemy base. Squad One broke past the choke point, and began chasing fleeing enemy soldiers.

Battle Seems Won

While en route to Squad Two's location, it was radioed to Squad One that, at the suggestion of Chancellor Nagrom, they were to capture and force a testimonial from an officer, or like position. Squad Two was seeming to be holding out well, and Squad One was in high spirits. However, things were not to remain so cheerful, for what was to come was going to test the very spirits of these men.

Battle Turns

Before Squad One could arrive at Squad Two's position, the sounds of explosions was replaced by the screams of "RPG!". Squad Two had began a retreat upon seeing the enemy produce a number of RPGs. The few who remained after the time spent waiting for Squad One's arrival were killed before they even got back to the water. Squad One had showed up to a bloodbath, and the enemy quickly began mowing them down. Finding what little cover they could, the desperate Squad One radioed Chancellor Alexander, asking him to beg the Fuhrer for a retreat order. The Fuhrer was unwavering, however, and Squad One was forced to dig in their heels, and fight it out. They shot down about 47 of what was said to be about 85 of the opposition, but dwindled down until only 4 remained. They radioed to ask for a retreat one last time. Instead, Fuhrer Kepler called in reinforcements. Led by a a local merc boss, the 20-strong reinforcement squad, known now as the "Miracle Team" was marched toward Squad One's position.

Battle Ignites

The Miracle Team met with Squad One's remaining members, and continued a 5 minute firefight. This was a critical moment in the battle. Melee soldiers ran forward and sacrificed themselves to destroy large amounts of enemies. One notable fighter was known only as Odin. He died after killing enemies in a grand fashion - wearing a Knight's Templar suit of armor and swinging a longsword. The remaining enemies retreated through the woods, to their base, and the remaining soldiers on the Elysian side advanced toward the final fight of the battle, urged on by Fuhrer Kepler, and Chancellor Alexander.

Final Firefight

Upon reaching the field where the post stood, the mercs were lit up by some 50-odd survivors and fresh guns. They were forced onto the ground, and all seemed lost. Then, an unannounced drone strike flew over, and massacred the resistance. The remaining mercs made a final rush, by order of Fuhrer Kepler, and reached the post. One commander as wounded in the charge, but was not killed, and still offers his services to the CFSE today. Upon arriving at the post, the troops found it empty of all personnel, all of whom had retreated, abandoning the post. Therefore, it was impossible to get a testimony from a captured soldier. They reported back to Chancellor Alexander that the day was won. Thus ended the Battle of Stonebrook Creek.

Who did it?

Mysteriously, no compelling evidence has been found so far as to whom the provocative forces were, and whether or not they served a nation, or were a resistance movement formed after the CFSE diplomatically took over the Union of the Clover, which Chancellor Alex had previously run. There is still an ongoing investigation into why this battle had to happen. Still, sadly, we do not know. One day, we hope to have answers.


Mercenaries of the CFSE: 20 Resistance Forces: 69