Battle of The Levee

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Battle of the Levee (Operation Rhodes)
Date12:30 Central US Time, 3 December 2020
Outside The Ducal Residence
Pontunian Republican Junta
Commanders and leaders
Andrew I of Pontchartrain-Maurepas
No structured leadership

The Battle of the Levee, also known as Operation Rhodes, was an ambush on the Pontunian Republican Junta by Royalist forces led personally by the Duke himself,Andrew I. Order was restored and the Regency was abolished.


On the afternoon of 3 December 2020, the Knights of the Ducal Residence entered the neighborhood of the Republican base on bikes, armed with concealed foam nunchucks and makeshift handcuffs. After a search was approved from the head of the household, the Knights scaled the fence and snuck into the backyard. After locating the meeting base of the rebels, The Knights ambushed them from a bush as the rebels began to leave their backyard treehouse. As the enemy leaders did not carry weapons, they were quickly arrested and transported by foot to the Ducal Residence, where they were tried and stripped of their citizenship and made “Enemies of the State.” This effectively ended the Regency and ended the crisis.