Battle of Torek Forest

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Battle of Torek Forest

Conflict: War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts
Date: 8 March 2009
Place: Valdisia, Torek Forest, Tamir
Outcome: Cheslovian victory (Izkarians also claimed victory)
Cheslovian Federation Izkar Remnants,
President Urosh Dushanov
Vytautas Korok

4 (initially), 9 (at end of battle)

4 (initially), 6 (at end of battle)

4 Wounded 6 Wounded

The Battle of Torek Forest occured on 8th march 2009, a day after the failed Invasion of Tamir. The KDI had called for reinforcement from Musorov, later a small group of KDI was deployed from Estovakia. Soon after finding out about that KDI reinforcements were en route from Musorov to Serovostok, the Izkarians called for reinforcements. The KDI heard that there was an argument between Ikhraan and Vytautas over leadership.


When the KDI reinforcemnts arrived, all Cheslovian troops (except Urosh Dushanov and Vladimir Turkov) went to fort Boltserai, Turkov and Dushanov tried to lure the rebels inside the forest by pretending to retreat and run from the rebels, this made the rebels fell as if they had the upper hand and fell into the trap. When they were in the forest the KDI launched their attack firing shots at the enemy, this was though to have wounded nearly all of the attacking rebels, the rebels then decided to run into a near by field and take cover, however the KDI went back to the fort and waited again. Soon the enemy came back an attacked the KDI at the fort. As the KDI fired shots at the enemy, the began to lose ammunition. after all ammunition was depleted, the order was given to advance and engage the enemy in close quarter combat with the points of their splinter guns. The rebels ran back to the field, this gave the KDI the chance to pick up their ammunition, and then to run at the enemy in the fields. After a brief attack, the KDI went back again to fort Boltserai, and added improvements to it, such as pailings, ditches and trip wire. As the day progressed, various defences of the fort took place, and soon ammunition was completely gone. The KDI then decided that they should use both the points of the guns but also to steal the discarded weapons of the enemy (which were bows) and use those.


At the end of the day, the KDI claimed victory due to a successful defence of the fort, the routing of enemy troops on a number of occassions, the KDI had no retreats and the successful lure of enemy troops away from the Valdisia Okrug and Serovostok. However, Izkarian troops also claimed victory for the previous victory during the Invasion of Serovostok. Only four KDI troops were wounded during the battle.