Battle of Valdisia

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The Battle of Valdisia, 8 May 2009, was the last conflict in the War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts, it was a brief conflict in Valdisia when the KDI returned for a final attack to end the Izkarians, when they arrived (three KDI) they were met by one Izkar rebel, who tried to defend his claimed territory but failed. After Vytautas Korok was cornered by Urosh, Vladimir and Artur (who is also King of Malokaz) Vytautas surrendered. They all then sat and discussed the situation, near the destroyed fort of Paanau. Vytautas signed a treaty that officialliy dissolved the holdouts of both Izkaria and Milna. He handed over all information pertaining to the holdouts to the Cheslovian Federal government, he has since been severely punished for treason against the federal government. He also stated that he was the supreme leader of the holouts and the Milna had no followers and was created to give the impression that Izkaria had much support.