Battle of the Grasslands

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Battle of the Grasslands
War by bully's and stealing capital
Status Madisonville Intermediate School Communist Party Winning
Winning Orange Tower SSR back
Madisonville Intermediate School Communist Party E&M Italian Fascist Party
Commanders and leaders

Brandon Lavine

Brayden Schwabe

Natasha Williams 🏳

Emma Dotson 🏳
10 4
Casualties and losses
4 1

The Battle of the Grasslands (3/10/2022 - c. 3/30/2022) was a war between the Fascist Parties and Madisonville Intermediate School Communist Party. It is the 3rd deadliest battle of Nazaskian history and to this day would be a "Never Forget Day". This war was supposed to get back the Orange Tower they have owned since then.

History and Conflicts

Bully and Steal Era

On c. 3/8/2022 - 3/10/2022 was the Bully and Steal Era. This event was for mass bullies and attacks and raids. they also stole the Orange Tower and made it theirs. Attacks went on until the 10th of the month. The war started with MISCP almost falling and losing. during that Era, Eddie Edwards the III Made fun saying the party was a joke and does not exist on school property. Brayden used a lie as this would never make it give up. Eddie bullied too and Brayden bullied which made the The President angry but realized bullies from Brayden were fake. After a friend bullied him, the war continued, and mass land stealing was very bad during this time. Beatings continued throughout the time for about 3 days, so an idea was put into during the war and an idea to stop it. This would be changing Ideologies and More

Propaganda Era

Propaganda was an idea from Brayden Schwabe and it was successful and made more of the army and population join MISCP. Joining made more of a stronger army. Growth continued for a few days while the army was fighting during the time. Plans were put out by Brandon to be sure which way of attack was put on there.


The Images that are shown are possible accurate images used during the War by these plans during the Propaganda Era. These show the failed attacks of the injured soldiers during this. The injured were upon this mission shown during this Era.

Plan A

Plan A was going from the mulch border and going to the party and attack, however, the chance failed, and they were forced to be beaten and get tortured by them. The plan was a failure and so they try Plan B

Plan A
Plan B

This Was also a failure. No image is shown for this, but they walked on The Grasslands and then they sneaked and beat them up. This only resulted in one being injured which was Kaleb Sherwood. After Plan B failed, they returned to base injuries from the party.

Bully Revenge

A part of the Propaganda Era made the army attack while the E&M Italian Fascist Party were on a break chilling. This was a 50% 50% chance of the winning spot, but it was a bad idea to do it as they attacked Noah, Kaleb, Brandon and Brayden. This was almost a win and almost a loss. It was successful and non-successful.

Battle for Orange Tower

A war that was a part of the Battle of the Grasslands was a complete success for the army.  This war would have a capitalist named Chris go into the rock-climbing entrance 1 and the other 2 go in from rock-climbing entrance 2 and from the slide, this made the army surrender and win victory. This resulted in pushing and loud arguing. the team with their armies rushed in and defeated with no one getting hurt so that they can surrender and give back the capital to MISCP. They handshake which means "hand signature" and so the agreement was settled and then they win with a successful victory. This was the most attacked part of all parts of the war


The reason why the team surrendered as they were bothered too much to the point where they finally gave up and surrendered. 


They won the capital and a lot of land and won a lot of the Grasslands which split the left side and gave the rest of the other side for them after the war making them win their victory.