Bayport conflict

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Bayport conflict
Flag of Paloma in San Souci, 2021.jpg
Flag of Paloma planted by the PPA Ground Force on 21 November 2021 after the invasion
Date20 April 2020 – 21 November 2021

Paloman victory

  • Kingdom of New Paloma loses control of its territory and later dissolves
  • Paloman loyalist government restored
San Souci reincorporated into Paloma as a territory.


Kingdom of New Paloma (KNP)
Commanders and leaders
Aidan McGrath
Jonas Rhymer
Brennan Sullivan
Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed (2020)
Charles Burgardt (assumed)
4 Unknown

The Bayport conflict was a conflict in the Paloman territory of San Souci that was fought between Paloma and the Kingdom of New Paloma which according the Paloman legislation, illegally declared independence from Paloma on 20 April 2020.[1] The secessionist movement was started by former Paloman Vice President, Charles Burgardt. The secessionist movement known as the Kingdom of New Paloma or simply New Paloma formed a constitutional monarchy. The movement formerly had de facto control of San Souci. There is no exact clear reason explaining why the independence movement was made.

The movement was briefly recognized by Paloma until it was denied again and reclaimed by the Paloman Government[2]



After the impeachment of former vice president, Jack Morris, the Supreme Paloman accepted and placed Charles Burgardt as his successor. Burgardt, who held many liberal leaning views pushed to pass immediate instant reforms and propose a new constitution which would have Paloma transition from a one-party socialist state to a democratic liberal democracy. After Burgardt's progressive reform proposals had failed and were claimed by the president to be "too early", he declared San Souci, which he lead as the territorial governor, as the Kingdom of New Paloma. The independence of San Souci as a kingdom was disputed by both sides until a short mutual agreement was formed that both parties would act in indifference to one another when it came to affairs.

National Security Law

Government disputes of New Paloma

On 18 June 2021, a revolution against government of the Kingdom of New Paloma lead by Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed occurred which lead to him unilaterally declaring independence from New Paloma itself and establishing the Republic of New Paloma. Wiucki-Dunswed later went on to rewrite the Constitution defining the actual land claims of the Republic unlike the Kingdom giving the Republic legitimacy with its claims over the Kingdom.


  1. Under the National Security Law of Paloma all declarations of independence from the Free Socialist Stare of Paloma without government approval or vetting is forbidden.
  2. San Souci (No. 2). Retrieved 11 November 2021.