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Image of the Territory of Beacon
Image of the Territory of Beacon
Flag of Beacon
Country Australis
Annexed from United Kingdom31 October 2020
 • Grand Duke of AustralisDaniel Hamilton
 • Chancellor of AustralisJared Barker
 • Administrator of BeaconCynthia Hamilton
 • Total0.0506 ha (0.1250 acres)
 • Length0.047 km (0.029 mi)
 • Width0.011 km (0.007 mi)
Time zoneUTC+0:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1:00

Beacon, officially the Australissian Territory of Beacon, is a small territory of Australis. It was formally annexed on 31 October 2020, however there had been plans to annex the area much earlier. The area serves as the eighth territory of Australis, and the second not enclaved by Australia, with the first being Jutia, in Atlanta, USA.

The territory is enclaved by the county of Staffordshire, specifically the town of Stafford. Due to its location outside of Australia, its primary representative and regional leader is the Administrator of Beacon, Cynthia Hamilton, a relative of the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Hamilton.


Battle of Hopton Heath

On 16 March 1643, the area surrounding Beacon was the site of a major battle during the First English Civil War, the Battle of Hopton Heath, in which both the Parliamentarians and Royalists claimed victory. However, it is widely accepted that the battle was won by the Royalists.



The Flag of Beacon is a simple design that reflects the culture of both Australis, and the areas surrounding Beacon. It is a predominantly green flag, which represents the lush grassland in the area. The flag is charged with a Staffordshire Knot, a traditional symbol of the surrounding area.