Ben I, Emperor of DEONQED

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Ben of Borealia
Emperor of DEONQED
In office
17 October 2012 - 15 July 2014
Predecessor Will McCracken
Successor Adam Belcher
Emperor of the Mohawks
In office
2013 - 15 July 2014
Predecessor Sebek Lark
Successor Adam Belcher
Military service
Allegiance Military of Adammia
Service/branch Adammic Army
In service 2014 - 2016
Rank Private
Unit 3rd Infantry Regiment

Ben of Borealia was the second emperor of DEONQED. His rule oversaw the conquest and acquisition of many territories such as Avranches, Natland, Further Natland, the Plantation, Barnfield, and the resettling of Spoliarium Magna in 2013. However, in December 2012 he had reigned over the destruction of Spoliarium Magna, which led to its resettlement in 2013. Under his reign was also an expansion of wealth and population, as DEONQED became undisputably the greatest power in the Den World since NED. He also led the destruction of many dens including Westernlea, as well as massive legislative reforms including a DEONQED Constitution and Law Code.

On the other hand, he was deposed in 2014, after having led the Empire to glory, he had ceased to become active and the whole empire fell apart. He was replaced by Emperor Adam after a revolution in July, creating the colony of Borealia. After two years as an active part of the Adammic military forces stationed in Borealia, he is now a citizen of the Mohawk Empire following the Borealian Independence Referendum.