Bench War

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Bench War
Date20 July 2010 - de facto 28 July 2010, de jure 17 September 2010
Ancient Willow Krai, Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun and Ontario, Canada
Result Annexation of the Unnamed Empire into Gishabrun


The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun


The Unnamed Empire
Commanders and leaders

Gishabruni Leaders

HIM Tsar Kuri I

Unnamed Leaders

Cyril I, then Emperor of the Unnamed Empire
Casualties and losses
1 injured 0

The Bench War was the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun's last and longest war. It erupted over a land dispute with the Unnamed Empire, and resulted in a treaty absorbing the Unnamed Empire into Gishabrun as the Autonomous Empire of Maccrage.


The Bench, with a small stick lying on where the boundary of The Unnamed Empire and the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun was during the Bench War (the smaller part on the left was Gishabruni territory).

While on an excursion through Canadian territory, HIM Tsar Kuri I claimed an area of 13.5 square metres of land containing an ancient willow tree and a small bench. However, a friend of HIM the Tsar who was traveling with him, namely Cyril I, then Emperor of the Unnamed Empire, disputed the new krai, claiming that the bench was Unnamed territory. This sparked a small conflict called The Bench War.

After a few scuffles and fights, the Imperial Army petitioned for a truce and in return gave The Unnamed Empire 5/6ths of the bench (about 1 square metre), while Gishabrun got to keep the rest. The Krai was declared a Park (which means tourists may visit it regularily) and the Ancient Willow was declared a National Monument.

Eight days later, the Gishabruni Army captured the entire Bench while on another excursion, and HIM Tsar Kuri I claimed the Unnamed throne since it was believed that they had no other land claims. In truth, Emperor Cyril I had claimed his own residence for the Unnamed Empire in the interim.

A peace treaty (the "Bench War Treaty") was finally signed on the 17th of September, 2010, ending the Bench War and declaring the house of Emperor Cyril I to be an autonomous region of Gishabrun, making Cyril I its Emperor, and renaming it the Autonomous Empire of Maccrage.