Blair Hardwick, 1st Earl of Cornwall

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The Earl of Cornwall
Governor-General of Wangatangia
In office
January 2017 – October 2019
Prime MinisterJacob Mayjames
King of the Blairtopians
In office
July 2012 – February 2019
ViceroyThe Viscount Parker
Personal details
Born24 December 2003 (2003-12-24) (age 20)
Belleville, Ontario
Military career
Allegiance Baustralia
Branch Baustralian Army
Rank Brigadier

The Right Honourable Brigadier Blair Hardwick, 1st Earl of Cornwall KO MBE OW was the Governor-General of Wangatangia, and was titled King of the Blairtopians.

Originally an honourary commodore of His Royal Navy, later transferred to the army as a private after gaining citizenship. A provost staff sergeant in the King's Grenadiers, he is now a Brigadier.

Reign as King of the Blairtopians

Hardwick was at a campsite with the King of Baustralia. They had decided to swim a lake out to a small island full of raccoons. This wasn't a problem for them as it seemed as the animals had retreated to the mainland due to the lack of food thereon, and the high human population. When they both stepped on the island, it was declared as Blairtopia. The sole civil servant under his command was the later-to-be King of Baustralia.

Five years later, Blair decided to claim his house, and the land surrounding it. This angered John of Baustralia as he had his eyes set on the land there. A deal was made to give the land to Baustralia, excluding the land around the house. This burst into Blair hitting John, and declared war. This was to be known as the Battle of Cornwall.

Two years later, as Blair and John were walking, John brought up giving Blairtopia as a vassal state of Ostreum. Blair agreed, and accepted the transfer to the Baustralian Army as a private.

Military career

While watching John design military uniforms for Baustralia, he asked to have one himself. He was granted an honourary rank as commodore in His Royal Navy and was commissioned on that day, 30 June 2019. Later, when Hardwick transferred his land, he requested to muster with the army as a private. Since then, he has been promoted to lance corporal. He serves with the King's Grenadiers.

In addition to Baustralia, he was a Canadian sea cadet in 2015 into 2016, and introduced the program to John. He left after the first annual ceremonial review, a parade demonstrating the year's training and the accomplishments of the cadets.

June 2018 – Feburary 2019
Feburary 2019 – May 2019
May 2019 – March 2021
Lance corporal
March 2021 – May 2021
May 2021 – August 2021
August 2021 – January 2022
Staff sergeant
January 2022 – present

Regnal titles
New title King of the Blairtopians
July 2012 – 21 February 2019
Succeeded by
Peerage of Baustralia
New title Earl of Cornwall
25 May 2019 – present