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Bolkaria Krai
(Cheslovian)Болкăрийа Краи
(Russian)Болкарский Край

Location of Bolkaria Krai
Capital Musorov
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian, Russian
Leader Cheslovian Federal government

Bolkaria is a Cheslovian Krai in located in southern Baltia. The Krai is known for its importance in Cheslovian politics due to the capital city being located there. Bolkaria borders Borisov, Bashkira, Slavinia and the Principality of Malokaz as well as the UK to the south.


During the Kaznian Rebirth, Kaznia was re-established in what is now Bolkaria. During the early days of the Principality of Kaznia Bolkaria was much smaller than what it is now, the only other Krais (then known as Provinces) that were in Post rebirth Kaznia were Bashkira Province, Borisov Province, Bashkira Province and Ulsin Province.

During various reforms and territorial expansions in the Principality of Kaznia, the Province of Bolkaria was expanded eastward to cover more territory, whilst the other provinces were moved northwards. Soon, all provinces were renamed "Regions", there was no official legislation that made this happen, although it effectively replaced the title Province. On November 1, 2008, Kaznia reformed into the Cheslovian Federation, the government, knowing that no power was being enforced onto Bolkaria, reformed the region (and all other non-sovereign regions) into a Krai, which now meant that the regions was claimed by the federal government, but they understood that they could do little to control it.


In northern Bolkaria lies the Tobalsk river and the southern sectin of the Kurai hills, below the Kurai hills are the Korisov plains, a small flat area covered by grass that extends into Slavinia slightly afterwhich it merges with the Slavinian Plains. Just northeastward of Musorov is Petrovniy Wood, a small wooded area in which the Tobalsk river runs through sightly. Bolkaria holds three important Cheslovian cities, to the west is Grozno, in the centre is Musorov and to the east is Krelyevak.