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BozzCO is the largest private company in the Grand Order of DR. The company was established around the same time as the Grand Order of DR in 2019, and has since specialized in agriculture, logging, business ownership, and fulfilling contracts for the Grand Orderian government. The company owns smaller organizations based in the GODR, such as the Fence Sitter, a news organization. BozzCo is owned privately by the Supreme Overlord of the GODR, Dane Bozzoli.

Logging Operations

Agricultural Operations

Business Ownership

BozzCo currently owns the Freeway Point Pig Farm, the Fence Sitter news organization, and is currently planning the establishment of two more businesses. One planned business is the Cercatore d'Oro Gold Panning company, which has been an idea of BozzCo owner SOL Dane Bozzoli since December 2020.

Government Contracts