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National flag of Bradonia
Total population

English, German


Presbyterianism Violetism

Bradonians, or the Bradoni, are the native inhabitants and the microethnic majority group of Bradonia that are either naturally born within Bradonia or have culturally accustomed and adapted to the way of Bradonian life. Bradonains are usually defined as individuals who live within the Kingdom of Bradonia and possess national subjectship within Bradonia. Unlike most ethnic groups, the Bradonians have a creator or, and such the creator, the Violet King is revered by many within the nation, holding a divine-like status.

Unlike most micronations, Bradonia is not a micronation that accepts virtual or "online" citizens into the nation and has one of the strictest citizenship/immigration policies as a micronation. This is because online citizenship and online government in Bradonia are very founded upon by both the government and the people who are very against allowing online citizens and online citizenships. Bradonia only admits locals or people who live near the Texträrin or Kolërin realms into Bradonia as citizens, furthermore, all citizens who join must agree for their properties to also be annexed into Bradonia alongside their citizenship, thus keeping Bradonia growing both in size and in population.

Bradonian citizens in terms of ethics are mostly Celtic-Germanic peoples with the majority of Bradonians originating from Ireland, including the royal family. In terms of language, the Bradonians are mostly English-speaking people and speak mostly English, however, there is a small German presence within Bradonia, with Bradonian slang, being inspired by german phrasing, alongside German also being the second language of Bradonia. In terms of religion, Bradonia is quite unique in this factor, as 33% of Bradonains are Presbyterian, and are a part of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, while the other 66% are non-specified, and as of 2022, the government doe's not known of their religion, however it can be assumed that most Bradonians are religious, but this is not confirmed at this time.