Brandon Lavine

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Brandon Curtis Lavine

Brandon Curtis Lavine
President of NE
President of Nazaskian Empire office
Personal information
Born 2/13/2010 (Nazaskian Format: 10.02.13)
Blount County Memorial Hospital
Birth name Brandon Curtis LaVine
Nationality American
Political party Nazaskian Party
Other political
Spouse(s) 5 Uknown Boyfriends
Domestic partner Breyden Schwabe, Zeynox Uchiha
Relations Summey and Lavine Family
House Summey House
Residence Lavine and Summey
Home town Nazaskian City, NE (OG. Madisonville, TN)
Military service
Nickname(s) B-L, BL, Brandy, Brandon Levine, Brandon Levinee, Brando', Brando, Boner Boy, B, Lavine, LaVine.
Allegiance  United States

Nazaskian Empire

Service/branch Nazaskian Army
In service Youtuber: 2017-Today, President 2021-Today
Rank President of NE
Battles/wars Battle of the Grasslands, Boys and Girls War, Battle of Mulch, Battle for Orange Tower, Battle of the Playthrough
Awards Academic Excellence, Honor Roll, 3 4-H Rewards (2 blue, 1 red)
Styles of
Brandon Lavine
Image of Brandon Lavine.jpg
Spoken styleHis Royal Nazaskian
Religious styleSir
Alternative styleSir
Brandon's President Portrait (2022)

Brandon Curtis Lavine (February 13, 2010) was known for as the owner of the Nazaskian Empire Party and running it.

Early life

Lavine was born in Blount County Memorial Hospital in TN, and Raised in Madisonville, TN and Sweetwater, TN. Brandon's Life was harsh back then and seen a lot of arguments and had to deal with them, he has also seen inappropriate stuff in his life back then. Brandon had to live in bad life almost back then. Brandon attended School in Sweetwater Primary then moved to Madisonville to attend Madisonville Primary, he made friends with a guy named Brayden and become good friends and build up ideas for Parties and more ideas. He and Brayden are really close to each other and never stopped being friends ever since then

Presidential Life


Lavine and Breyden are presidents of the NE, MISCP and Planned MMSCP. They try to keep peace from Italians in the Area, but it is hard.

They also made allies with Vatican City and more. Brandon was beaten at school when running his party, he fought in the Battle of the Grasslands on the 10th when he ran MISCP. MISCP Sadly fail on the 13th but then MMSCP formed after.

Nazaskian Empire

Brandon Lavine's Voice

He and Breyden after the fall of MISCP turned into another party that would remove communism and be a Green Socialist which kept the party running after it fell, there would still be wars, the very last war before school would be "Battle of the Mulch" which would make this war start of being accidentally being hit by mulch and threw it back. This would start a war with mulch. The micronation failed but will get revenge when the next war starts when school starts making possible hallway fights and wars.

MMSCP and Republic of Shortsland

Soon another party and micronation would form making the Shortsland Empire or Republic of Shortsland and MMSCP or Madisonville Middle School Communist Party. This article will be changed when school starts.

Another Party After?

It is most likely for another party to start, reports happened as the MHSCP and MCP will start once that will end, and information will be gathered on these events.

Brandon's Coat of Arms

Personal life

Lavine has a brother and a sister Landon and Ericka, Lavine spends time on VR and Discord and does go out barely because he can't go out, Lavine is also gay or bisexual and is planning to join LGBTQ+. Brandon lives with his Grand-Parents named, Christy Palmiter and Chris Stakley. Brandon is also an EAS and Gorilla Tag YouTuber on YouTube by clicking the link.

Military Life

Brandon had a history of Military. First was Meow Mix and Greenbean Army, next today he serves His Royal Nazaskian Army since MISCP had fell.

Founding of Nazaskia and MISCP

After the fell Meow Mix and Greenbean Army. Brandon was on the last set of swings chatting with Brayden Schwabe, Brandon gave a quote that will change the history of Nazaskia forever

"What if there was such thing as Madisonville Intermediate School Communist Pary?"

Brandon Lavine - 2021


Brandon has at least 5 boyfriends. Only one name is retrieved, and his name is Eduard, born in Bulgaria in 2010, also the Voted President of Nazaskian Empire.  Brandon also has 4 other boyfriends with anotherone named Zeynpx Uchiha but the name is not real said Zeynox.

Brandon's Anthem (Internationle)
Brandon's Flag