Brayden Schwabe

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Brayden Walter Schwabe the II, Born on November 24, 2010 in the SHA, Sweetwater, TN. He is the president for Nazaskian Empire. He is partners with Brandon Lavine.

Brayden Walter Schwabe II

Brayden Walter Schwabe II
President of MISCP
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President of NE
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Personal information
Born 11/24/2010
SHA (Sweetwater Hospital Oscitation), Sweetwater, TN
Birth name Brayden Walter Schwabe II
Citizenship Germany, USA, Nazaskian Empire
Nationality Nazaskian, American, German
Political party MMSCP
Domestic partner Brandon Lavine
Home town Madisonville, TN
Military service
Nickname(s) Walter Schwabe the II
Battles/wars Battle of Grasslands, Boys and Girls War, Battle of Mulch, Battle for Orange Tower.

Early Life

Schwabe was born in the SHA on November 24, 2010 in Sweetwater, TN. His mother left him 1 day or that day after he was born, Schwabe went to school in the primary in 2018 and met Brandon Lavine on a playground. Sometimes, he said he was an alien to keep hiding about his mother's loss. His trailer life was really good and he got collection of old retro systems. This is where all began and the first deadly war in Nazaskian History. The Boys and Girls War.Everything after war was normal until May 2, 2022. They were both talking on swings and got the idea of a party named the Madisonville Intermediate School Communist Party. This Is where all it all ended in Early Life.

Presidential Life

Boys and Girls War

Whenever the war ended, Brayden "Slammed" The treaty to be signed and hands where shook, The wars were really terrible, and injuries were in result.

The war had 20 injuries as result, Brayden was captured during the war and stayed out.

Battle of the Grasslands and Battle of the Mulch

No history really for these but these where the deadliest wars also.

Personal Life

Brayden lives with his dad and his grandmother. Very good and he lives in 2 places also. He has a good time and he also stays on discord with Brandon Lavine. He has a good life and family and Brandon sometimes visits.