Brady I of Bradonia

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His Royal and Serene Majesty
Brayvenric Wiltevich-Iliescu Meurna
King of Bradonia
Reign 10 October 2020; 2 years ago (2020-10-10)
Predecessor Throne established
Heir presumptive Crown Princess Irene
Emperor of the Bradonian Empire
Reign 7 December 2022; 3 months ago (2022-12-07)
Predecessor Throne established
Heir presumptive Crown Princess Irene
Veilchenomo of the Violetist Church of Bradonia
Reign 7 December 2022; 3 months ago (2022-12-07)
Predecessor Throne established
Heir presumptive Irene Meurna
House Meurna
Father HRH Prince Father George Bernhardt
Mother HRH Princess Mother Josephine Bernhardt
Born 5 December 2005 (2005-12-05) (age 17)
Austin, Texas, United States Flag of the United States.svg
Religion Presbyterian

Brady Wiltevich-Iona Lavender (born December 5, 2005) is a Bradonian-Texan micronationalist and reactionary, primarily known for being the founding father and the current reigning Monarch of the Kingdom of Bradonia. Brayvenic originally joined the micronational community on October 20th, 2020 after the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would transition into a constitutional monarchy. Brayvenic would establish the Violotanian Throne on October 10th, 2020, which would begin the reign of the House of Meurna over the newly established Kingdom of Bradonia.

Brayvenic was originally born in Austin, Texas, as the second child and only son of George and Josphine Meurna. Brayvenic originally established Bradonia as the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia on August 9th, 2020, however, following government instability, alongside the resignation of the Chancellor, he decided to transform Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia and was formally declared the King of Bradonia on October 10th, 2020.

Unlike most contemporary micronationalist who are often involved in the micronational community and hold various titles within many micronations, Brayvenic has only ever been involved in the Kingdom of Bradonia, and currently holds no other positions or awards outside of Bradonia. This is attributed to his isolationist foreign policy, alongside his critical views on the micronational community, viewing most members of the community, especially those on discord, with blatant disregard and disrespect.

Non-micronational life

Brayvenic Wiltevich-Iliescu Meurna was born on December 5th, 2005, in Austin, Texas, to Prince Father, George Meurna and Princess Mother, Josephine Meurna, as the second child and only son of the family. Brayvenic growing up would attend both Pre-K and Kindergarten at undisclosed elementary schools, however, in the first grade, Brayvenic was placed at the Perpendislosed School, where Brayvenic would remain until the eleventh grade. As a young child and pre-teen, Brayvenic would enjoy traveling across the country with his grandfather Albert Lavender, who would take Brayvenic to many places across the United States of America, with California and Colorado being his favorite places to travel.

Around the seventh grade, Brayvenic would begin to get into history by watching various historical videos on YouTube which would pique his interest, and something that continues to pique his interest to this day, however to a more minor extent. 2020, and 2021, despite those being the years in which Bradonia was established, would be considered by himself as the worst years of his life due to many personal and external complications, this would also, in turn, affect his mentality and perspective of the world change drastically. One of these changes was the COVID-19 Pandemic, which would play a huge role in his change of demeanor, going from optimistic and wild, to pessimistic and null and more resentful.

2022, would see the Meurna's move to Colorado, after many members of the House of Meurna would voice their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in Texas and would see better opportunities in Colorado. Although hesitant to this change, Brayvenic for the time would agree to this, having nothing to lose and seeing that the last few years have been awful for him, and seeing that it was what the family wanted. 2023, would see Brayvenic change his regal name to Brayvenic Wiltevich-Iliescu Meurna in order to better "Bradonianize" the ruling royal house of Bradonia.

In accordance with his foreign policy, Brayvenic lives an isolationist lifestyle and holds an overall pessimistic view of people, looking down on most due to their perceived "corruption", however, despite this perceived negative view of the world, he is often interested by those considered unique or weebish, and considers himself to be a borderline weeb, appreciating the culture, however not obsessing over it like most.

Micronational career

In the seventh grade, fellow classmates in his advisory class were creating advisory-like micronations which had government-like structures, and Brayvenic, wanting to participate in this, created the Communist Dictatorship of Costonia, however, his fellow classmates wouldn't take him seriously on this and viewed him as a fool, so they decided to coup him, only a few days later after it's creation. For the rest of the year, Brayvenic revoked of his micronation, would feel overtly resentful of his fellow classmates for treating him like a fool, a mindset which would still be retained over two years later.

Over two years later on August 9th, 2020, Brayvenic would establish the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia as a military dictatorship after deciding he wanted a land to call his own. Brayvenic would quickly lead the First Bradonian Anschluß and the Second Bradonian Anschluß, which would see the former Sonoma and Tarrant Palaces annexed into Bradonia. Brayvenic would then quickly establish a provisional government, with himself as Dictator and his sister as the Chancellor.

The unexpected surprise resignation of Chancellor Irene Meurna would cause a great deal of concern for the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, as governing the micronation would become relatively harder without Irene in the government, so Brayvenic, wanting to save his micronation from internal collapse, declared himself the King of Bradonia, causing the military dictatorship to reform into a constitutional monarchy, however under his reign held de facto absolute power similar to his time as Dictator.

While Brayvenic was certainly getting the ropes of the micronational community, he wasn't the most professional nor competent of individuals, failing to win the Bradonian-Breianin Crisis and even getting himself banned from the micronational community for some time. This failure, alongside various others would cause a growing resentment for the micronational community, most notably the micronational community on Discord, which was hated the most. Eventually, after the failed attempt to confront Esty, a radical socialist, and his radical behavior, he left the micronational community in all but name, and ceased all foreign affairs, beginning Bradonian isolationism.

Brayvenic, despite his foreign disapproval by many micronationalists, is very popular with the Bradonians, who see him as both a competent and praiseworthy Monarch, as such, many Bradonians share much respect for Brayvenic, and hold him up in high regard. Brayvenicis also well-liked for his staunch nation-building programs, the establishment of a competent government and overseeing the Bradonian colonization of the State of Colorado.

Political views

Brayvenic is a staunch reactionary and nationalist and supports ideas of absolute monarchy, christian theocracy, and economic progressivism alongside authoritarianism and autocracy within his nation, the Kingdom of Bradonia. Brayvenic is considered right-wing socially, disregarding social policies of the left, as radical extremism, however, is very supportive of left-wing economic policies within the confines of capitalism, desiring a social welfare state with an economy similar to Sweden or Denmark.

Brayvenic, in terms of micronational policy, is staunchly against any form of discord democracy, due to its awful reputation and its overall incompetent usage by underage micronationalists, and furthermore is an isolationist, unlikely to engage or host diplomacy with any micronations unless given a good reason, viewing most micronations with utter disregard.

Speeches and quotes


"It is people like you that make me this way" - Brayvenic, March 2021

"People will do as they please without consequence unless there is order to achieve such consequence and so, jingo by jingo, so order it shall be" - Brayvenic, April 2021

"So while you may think you are a heroic SJW that the Australian people can look up to, but to me, you are just another big butthurt baby, that is butthurt over not being the corrupt president of Australia." - Brayvenic, addressing a radical.

"When something is blocked always use a VPN and hope for the best"- Brayvenic, March 2022

" The only good thing about Los Angeles is In N Out" - Brayvenic, June 2022

"You can not speak to those unintelligent, for they are simply too stupid to understand." - Brayvenic, August 2022

"At this point, anything is a step up from Perpendicular.", Brayvenic, September 2022

"It is my intention that I give them a fight, to show them my strengths to show them what I am capable of" - Brayvenic, December 2021

"and as pathetic as I seem to light myself as, if there is one thing I judge more than myself, it’s the stupidity of other people" - Brayvenic, July 2021


"When in regards to your question, I would rightfully accept the leadership of the Holy Violet Church as it has always been a dream for me to lead such a church, as I do not want nor wish for the church to fall to waste once again, and so it is only natural that we the Bradonians take care of the Holy Violet Church. You can rest easy knowing the Holy Violet Church rests in Bradonian hands nice and comfy. I wish you well in your effort and his Royal Majesty thanks you for your effort of keeping the Holy Violet Church alive."

"When in regards to the Show, High Guardian Spice, I believe that the creators of this show, are lunatics, who know nothing of how to make a good story, and who rather want to politicize the population and separate us, while anime may have its place here in the Kingdom, the same couldn't be said for radical feminism, and I believe wholeheartedly, that radical feminism has no place in Bradonia and neither doe's anime that promotes such content."

Titles, styles and honors

  • 9 August 2020 – 10 October 2022: His Excellence', The Dictator of Bradonia
  • 10 October 2022 – present: His Royal Majesty, The King of Bradonia

As King of Bradonia his full style and title is: "By the Heavenly and Divine Grace of God, His Royal and Serene Majesty, Brayvenric Wiltevich-Iliescu Meurna I, King of Bradonia, King of the Violets of Divine Heaven, Paternal Patriarch of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, Vielchenomo of the Violetist Church of Bradonia, Archduke of Bravrina, Archduke of Dechnya, Prince of Hosenburg, Prince of Tselberna, Grand Duke of Austania, Duke of Austin, Duke of Dallas, Duke of Denver, Lord Protector of Bravrina, Grand Master of the Order of Heaven, Grand Master of the Order of the House of Meurna, Grand Master of the Order of Serene Tradition, Defender of all Holy Faith, Divine Reincarnation of Roman von Urgen-Sternburg and Grand Admiral of the Pacific Ocean".

Awards and decorations

National honours

  •  Bradonia: Sovereign of the Order of the Nation (3 November 2022)
  •  Bradonia: Sovereign of the Order of Sterburgia (3 November 2022)
  •  Bradonia: Sovereign of the Order of Griffin(3 November 2022)
  •  Bradonia: Sovereign of the Order of Heaven (3 November 2022)