Brett I of Ryan

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Brett Ryan I, HM
1st Leader of Sovereign Republic of Agria
Assumed office
28 May 2022
Predecessor Incumbent
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 21 April 2007 (2007-04-21) (age 15)
Delaware, USA
Nationality American, Agrian
Ethnicity Anglo-American
Political party None
Residence Arroyo City, Arroyo
Military service
Allegiance Sovereign Republic of Agria

Early life

Brett was born in Newark, Delaware during the peak of the Great Recession to his mother, an accountant, and his father, a bricklayer. As Brett entered school he showed little interest in social studies, but as he entered Middle School, his interest in history and politics grew exponentially after playing a videogame called Hearts of Iron 4. After attempting to mod the game, he researched how to make his own country in the game, but he forgot the keyword Hearts of Iron in the search term. As he discovered he could make his own nation in real life, he began to interact with people on r/micronations under the alias Matt Ryderi. He quickly gained knowledge and as he came closer to 14, he began his own nation. He dedicates himself to the Christian Faith.

Career in Micronations

Experimental nations

Before he really began micronations, he started with Experimental Nations that rarely lasted more than 3 months, such as Kentia.


In April 2021, Brett and two friends organized treehouses and dugouts into the nation of the Republic of Eneria. He served until late summer of 2021, when the nation was disbanded.

Green Valley Republic

In July 2021, Eneria reformed into the The Green Valley Republic. It lasted until autumn of 2021 until it was disbanded.


Widening his sights on micronationalism, he decided he would go a more serious route and attempt to change the strict policies put into place by the landlords who controlled his neighborhood, claiming that all tenants should be treated equally. This nation became Kingdom of Agria

Administrative and Respective Democracy

Administrative and Respective Democracy was a form of democracy where instead of branching out like the U.S legislature, there are two forms, Respective, being smaller and local, such as towns, juries, and parties. And Administrative, being federal and larger. It was constituted by Republic of Eneria. Brett I soon realized that this was just Federalism with "extra steps" and abandonded the project.