County of Breuckelen

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Flag of Breuckelen
Anthem: No Sleep Till Breuckelen
Country State of Faltree
Established12 June 2021
Seat Wyckoff
 • SenatorsMatthew Laptev
Fredrick M.
 • Total0.11 km2 (0.04 sq mi)
 • Total8

Breuckelen was a county in the State of Faltree, it was established on 12 June 2021, by Hunt Powell and Matthew Laptev. It ceased being a Faltrian territory on 15 September 2022, after the Breuckelen Sovereignty Command was issued by the Commander of Faltree.[1] A referendum regarding sovereignty garnered a vote of 62.5% in favor of independence, leading to the aforementioned command. It was reintegrated back into Faltree on 7 January 2023. The county was located in Southern Brooklyn, New York in close proximity to the Bepistani Reich. Following the dissolution of the State on Faltree on 20 April 2023, the territory was occupied jointly by the Bepistani Reich and Ausverian Volksrepublik.


The name "Breuckelen" derives from the area's colonial name, which was named by Dutch settlers. It is named after Breuckelen.


Former flag of Breuckelen

A proposal in the Faltrian Senate on 7 July 2021, it was agreed upon that Faltree should expand into the New York Metropolitan area, to purposely neighbor Long Island nations such as Ausveria and the Bepistani Reich.

Breuckelen was officially established on the 12 June 2021. The former flag of Breuckelen was designed by Connor Shaw, while the current flag was designed by Owen Bean. Breuckelen was elevated to the status of a county in September 2021, and was declared a part of Canvia on 21 September 2021. It was legally removed from Canvia on 28 October.

Privilege of free passage

Due to Breuckelen's close vicinity to other micronations and distance from mainland Faltree it has deployed a method of free passage to ensure good relations and protection of the county.

Nation Type of passage Treaty
 People's Republic of Tesforia (Defunct) Citizenry and militarily Treaty of Mutual Recognition
 Ausverian Volksrepublik Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Cooperation
 Bepistani Reich Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Cooperation


Flag Date Use Description
12 July 2021 - 22 September 2021 County flag Prinsenvlag defaced with the Faltrian coat of arms
22 September 2021 – Present Large fasces on blue and orange background, based on the colors of the Prinsenvlag


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