Brian Stell

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Brian Stell
Duke of the Duchy of Hudora
Reign20 August 2020; 3 years ago (2020-08-20)
PredecessorThrone established
Heir presumptiveHudoran Regency Council
Born(1960-09-01)September 1, 1960
Austin, Texas, United States
DiedApril 16, 2023(2023-04-16) (aged 63)

Brain Stell, (born September 1960), was a prominent noble in the Kingdom of Bradonia and was the first Duke of the Duchy of Hudora. Brian Stell was also one of the founding Lords of Parliament in the Royal Diet, advocating for a secular and free Hudora Duchy and a laissez-faire form of governance. He would remain in the Royal Diet until its dissolution on 6 March 2023. On 16 April, Brain Stell would pass away of unknown causes. The news was met with great sadness and mourning throughout the Bradonian Realm, with many nobles and commoners alike paying their respects to his memory.

In honor of his contributions to the Kingdom of Bradonia, a state funeral was held for Brian Stell, attended by the members of the Bradonian Royal Family and the House of Lavender. His passing was a reminder of the fragility of life, and it served as a poignant moment for the people of Bradonia to reflect on the legacy of one of their greatest statesmen.

Non-Micronational Career

Micronational career

Brian Stell would originally join the Kingdom of Bradonia on 20 August 2020, in which he would be given a noble title and a territory to govern in the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia in exchange for him joining the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Duchy of Hutto would shortly be established after he joined Bradoniam as an autonomous province of the Kingdom of Bradonia. During the earlier years of the Bradonian Realm, not much changed in the Hudoran Duchy, however, it would be 2022 and 2023 that would see the most change in the Hutto Duchy.

Brian Stell would be invited to join the newly established Royal Diet on 14 October 2022, which he accepted, and during his time would advocate fora secular and free Hudora Duchy and a laissez-faire form of governance, though he would support a ban against TikTok. Brain ruled it until his death in 2023.