Broccotropolian Empire

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Broccotropolian Empire
Imperium Broccotropolian
Bandera imperial.jpg
Escudo de Armas Imperial.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Siri sunt subnormals, tods
You are all subnormal
Anthem: Broccolist March
File:Canaries, Western Africa
CapitalEscalum or Las Escaleras
Largest cityNueva Segovia (formerly 'Patio Oriental')
Official languagesSpanish, Brockish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Emperor
Ismaccoli (as Regent)
• Head of the Senate
Establishment12 November 2014
(as the Republic)
October 2016
(as the Empire)
• Census

Broccotropolis, or the Broccotropolian Empire (formerly the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis) is a small micronation located in a high school in the Canaries, Spain.

The Empire is governed by friends and associates of Emperor Taui I, the supreme dictator of the tiny nation. The population of the state rarely exceeds fourty six, and its inhabitable area is 600m².

Although not officially recognized by any country, the state claims to have small recognition from the Canary Islands.


The Republic

The flag of the old Republic.

It was founded in November 2014 as a communist republic, when a student named Cesar de La Presilla believed that the high school should be it's own independent country. On the 12th November, he gathered a group of friends and other students and conquered all three courtyards with rapid speed, planting the flag they designed into the staircase of the eastern courtyard. They called it the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis due to Cesar's love of broccoli, changed his name to Cesarccoli to imitate his idol Vladimir Lenin's change of name, and declared himself President of the new nation.

Cesarccoli, founder and first President of Broccotropolis.

In early 2015, Cesarccoli stepped down immediately without warning and disappeared, causing a massive succession crisis. A civil war ensued between forces loyal to the ex-President and monarchists that wished to establish an absolute monarchy.

Propaganda poster supporting the Republican faction from the Broccotropolian Civil War.

In the end, General Jun Guo stepped in and claimed the President's desk, abruptly ending the war. He became the 'Caudillo' or dictator of Broccotropolis, and established a cult of personality around himself, made a religion with himself as God and he created a national language! Brockish, which is a complicated language to learn due to it's mix of different styles taken from other world languages.

In May, General Jun formally stepped down, establishing democracy in the nation. Elections were held, and Tauiccoli became the first democratically elected President of the tiny country. This President was the most controversial of all the leaders of the country for causing economic crises and for apparently "rigging votes". Elections were held every four months. Aydanccoli became the second President, and is ranked the best President by most of the population for his positive methods and his openness towards other nations, even contacting a Russian member of parliament, which Broccotropolis considers to be recognition from Russia. Tauiccoli took power again after Aydanccoli, and he was succeeded by Davidccoli, known for his more liberal views, but ruled during one of the most socially chaotic periods of the Republic.

In October 2016, Broccotropolis became an absolute monarchy when Tauiccoli decided to stage false elections in order to become a king and destroy communism in the nation. He was crowned Emperor Taui I, provoking total outrage from the people.

The Empire

In November 2016, the Kingdom of Pluvialia declared war on Broccotropolis with the aim of conquering it. Emperor Taui counterattacked and declared war on Pluvialia. Thus began the Brocco-Pluvian War. The war lasted 3 days, and was won by the Broccotropolians. However, this did not improve his popularity as Emperor, and Republican protests followed. To make things easier, the Emperor imposed census suffrage.

Abdication of Taui I. Coronation of Ismael I. Edit In March 2017, Emperor Taui I announced his desire to abdicate in the month of May in favour of his younger brother Prince Kail. The exact reason is unknown, but inside sources claim that it is due to "a lack of confidence in the people and in himself" and several threats.

However, Prince Kail was caught money laundering, and the Crown disowned him. After this, Taui I decided he would choose a non-hereditary successor, which in the end he never got to choose.

Taui I disappeared for an unknown reason. Despite his disappearance, the Empire continued, and the Senate named Ismaccoli, the then Chief of the CBI and owner of the Weekly Branch, Regent of the Empire.


The official sport of the country is Jugger: The main teams in the country are the Escalum Brócolis, the New Segovia Titanes and the Ciudad Central Trajes.

But football is also played a lot. Back when it was a Republic, Broccotropolis took part in the Formula Virtual, a racing tournament for micronations, and was going to host a V-Prix.

Geography and climate

The cities in Broccotropolis are Escalum (the capital), New Segovia, Central City and San Isidro. They also have colonies: Playa del Moro, Playa del Hierro and Pico Whistler.

The residence of the head of state is the Royal House, In Central City, although back in the days of the Republic it used to be the President's House in Escalum. This "President's House", which was the school library, is now used only for government meetings.

Escalum, although it is the capital, is very small. It is formed by a corner with stairs that lead up to the upper corridors, a small pebble quarry next to the stairs (where the famous 'Throne of Cesarccoli' is) and the library or House of the President (where the Government discusses the management of the nation, and play chess). The reason why this area was chosen as capital was because it was the old meeting place of Cesar and his friends.

Summers are always very hot with very little rain, so it is not very good for agriculture. During the winter it is usually quite cold, with the average temperature recorded by the Imperial government is 10 degrees.



Broccotropolis is known for having it's own language, invented by the dictator General Jun when he was in power: Brockish.

Brockish is a combination of Spanish, English, Catalan, Esperanto, Italian and Russian. It is known for being quite a difficult language to learn, and only 20% of the country's citizens speak it fluently.


The official religion of Broccotropolis is Junism, in which the God and Creator of all life on Earth is the old dictator Jun.

Jun, although he is no longer a dictator of the country, he is still worshiped and loved by his people, and seen as the sole and supreme God. The sacred book of Junism is the Junist Bible.


Broccotropolis cannot be kept at the mercy of the productive activity of its own territory, limited to the sale of tourist souvenirs, books, stamps and photos. But it gains the income of people who believe in Junism who do not live in Broccotropolis.


Broccotropolitan currency is the Brocco (B).

In the past, 1B was worth 0.50€, and 5€ was 1B. This was a very problematic system, and now 1B has the same value as 1€.


Broccotropolis is one of the only "countries" in the world in which it's citizens do not pay taxes. This is because normally only people with Broccotropolian nationality can enter. You have to pay to buy a home, rent it or stay in one for a specific amount of time; But once you have your home, the government leaves you alone.

Legal Status

As of now, Broccotropolis is recognized only by other micronations: Molossia, Doland, Sabovia and Pluvialia. However, it does claim recognition from Russia and the Canary Islands.