Bruce Cooper

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Bruce Cooper
Official portrait, 2023
2nd Chancellor of Dracul
Assumed office
11 August 2023 - 6 October 2023
MonarchStephen Luke
Preceded byStephen Luke
3rd Governor of South Dracul
In office
26 September 2021 – 10 November 2021
PresidentDmitri Howie
Preceded byKatie Arnold
Succeeded byPosition abolished
1st Mayor of Bran District
In office
12 October 2020 – 25 November 2020
Preceded byChristopher Karper
Chairman of the Bran District City Council
In office
4 February 2021 – 10 June 2021
Preceded byBryce Smith
2nd Director of Naturalization of Dracul
In office
19 November 2020 – 19 July 2021
PresidentDmitri Howie
Preceded byStephen Luke
Succeeded byKarl Frederick
Personal details
Born20 November 2006 (2006-11-20) (age 17)
Melbourne, Victoria
Citizenship Australia
 Commonwealth of Dracul
ResidencesMelbourne, Victoria
AwardsCitation of the Gold Dragon
Citation of The Silver Dragon
Presidential Commendation
Commander's Citation
Army Service Award
Conflict Participation
Community Service Award
Attendance Award
Distinguished Unit w/Merit
Outstanding Leadership
First Aid Cert.
Anti-Terrorism Certificate
2 Year Service Award
Military service
Allegiance Commonwealth of Dracul
Branch/serviceDracul Air Patrol
Years of service2021-Present
Unit5th Infantry Overseas Division
Prezan Military Academy Staff
CommandsCommander of Dept. of Air Patrol

Bruce Cooper is an Australian-born Draculian micronationalist, Draculian Founding Father, politician, soldier, civil servant, and currently serving as the 2nd Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Dracul. Prior to joining Dracul, he served in other micronations, both as a leader, and as a common citizen. In the past, he served as the first Mayor of Bran District, 2nd Director of the Federal Naturalization Service, 3rd Chairman of the Bran District City Council, South Dracul Federal Representative, Deputy-Attorney General of the Dracul Department of Justice, Governor of South Dracul, Presidents Secretary among others.

Early life

Bruce was born on the 20th of November 2006 in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton in Victoria, Australia. The son of an Emergency Management Official, Bruce spent the majority of his time growing up in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Micronational career

Bruce entered micronationalism when on the 24th of June 2017 he established a micronation in a park nearby his childhood home. This nation was unorganized and immature in nature, therefor in mid-2020, he left his first micronation and joined the Commonwealth of Dracul, quickly rising through the social ranks of the nation and associating himself with the country's governing body

In January 2021, Cooper decided to join the Bran District City Council. After joining the stagnent Council, Cooper pushed for weekly meetings and councilmen to do their jobs. In February 2021, Cooper became Chairman of the City Council. Within weeks, He began holding weekly meetings, passing bills frequently, and passed legislation for the creation of a City Charter. After serving as Chairman for months, Bruce resigned due a conflict with then Mayor (Isidoro Amalfitano).

After Leaving Bran, Cooper was offered the job of Lt. Governor of South Dracul by then Governor Katie Arnold, Cooper swiftly accepted and started making changes in the state such as making a state constitution, Penal Codes and Other Executive Orders. Due to Arnold now having a new born child, she chose to resign from the Office of the Governor, after her resignation Bruce automatically became Governor. After making some other changes in the state, Cooper decided to Resign in order to take on a higher job in the National Senate.

In the Senate, Cooper has proposed and passed multiple Bills such as the MACPA (Monarchist and Communist Protection Act) and the DTPA (Dracul Terrorism Protection Act.

In late 2021, then President-Elect, Stephen Luke offered Bruce the position of Small Business Administrator for the Dracul Small Business Administration, Cooper accepted and is currently the SBA Administrator.

Military career

Cooper began his military career in the Dracul Cadet Corps, while in training he was discharged due to punitive actions.

Cooper then began to reestablish himself in the military by applying himself in administrative roles. Due to his dedication and commitment he was then reinstated into the Dracul Army at the rank of Corporal.

Previously, As a Staff Sergeant, Cooper was part of the faculty of the Prezan Military Academy working on class content and curriculum creation. as a Captain, Cooper is currently the Commander of the Dracul Air Corps.

Personal life

Outside of micronationalism, Cooper spends majority of his time as a Student at both University (under the Faculty of Health/Medical Sciene at the Australian Catholic University) as well as High School for the Victorian ‘VCE’ Certificate.

Bruce enjoys travelling domestically around Australia, and also Internationally (Primarily The Mediterranean-European Area). During one of his several trips, Bruce visited Malta among other nations.

Cooper is ethnically Anglo-Saxon and Maltese, often celebrating and sharing of his deep connection to his culture, to which he attributes to his upbringing in which Cooper was partially raised by his Maltese Grandmother. Cooper speaks Maltese (Siculo-Arabic) with a moderate proficiency.

Cooper is a strong advocate for the mental health of all, though particularly under 25’s people who suffer from ADHD, Anxiety and ASD.

Cooper attributes his deep fascination of Psychiatry, Pharmacology and Psychotropic Drugs and personal mental health experiences as the reason he aspires to one day become a Psychiatrist, and to study an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) upon completion of his undergraduate studies.

Honors and decorations

Dracul individual ribbons of Bruce Cooper

Dracul unit ribbons of Bruce Cooper

National honors

  • Recipient of the Commanders Citation
  • Recipient of the Army Service Medal
  • Recipient of the Conflict Participation Medal
  • Recipient of the Community Service Medal
  • Recipient of the Attendance Award
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Recipient of the First Aid Certification Award
  • Recipient of the Anti-Terrorism Award

Foreign honors

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