Bu Ocağın

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"Bu Ocajin" redirects here; did you mean Bu Ocajin City in Merenneitoja?

Bu Ocağın [buː ɑʂʌdʑɪn],also known as Bu Ocajin, was a Secundomian state. They were absorbed by Merenneitoja on October 1, 2010.

Bu Ocağın
Languages spoken English
Date founded 8 July 2010
Population 1 Secundomian
Demonym Bu Ocağıne
Governor Brett I


Bu Ocağın in Turkish means "this cooktop." The name was adopted into Bu Ocajin for ease of typing on a standard QWERTY keyboard, although it is pronounced differently.


Bu Ocağın was created on 8 July 2010. It was created by Merenneitoja's governor, and president-to-be Luke of Secundomia. However the state was created for Brett I, who became it's first governor.

On 1 October 2010, due to it's faliure to conduct gubernatorial elections during the September 2010 Elections, Bu Ocağın was dissolved and absorbed by the state of Merenneitoja.


Bu Ocağın was separated into two counties, Lower Bu Ocağın and Upper Bu Ocağın. Lower Bu Ocağın, the capital, was surrounded by Merenneitoja. The Upper Bu Ocağın was located on the south side of the Merenneitojan Panhandle.