Byzantine Peoples Republic

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Byzantine Peoples Republic
Republica Populi Byzantini (Latin)
Flag of Byzantium
Motto: Expande Sanguinem et Timorem (Latin)
Spread Blood and Fear
Anthem: None
StatusGovernment in exile
Official languagesLatin
GovernmentUntiary Anarchist republic under a authoritarian totalitarian dictatorship (Feb 2020 - Aug 2020)
Anarchy (December 2019 - February 2020)
• Representative
James Idarine
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Early Imperium (HBE)
Holy Byzantium Empire

The Byzantine Peoples Republic (Latin: Republica Populi Byzantini), commonly known as Anarchist Byzantium (Licentia Byzantium), was a anarchist micronation which was under control of the Byzantine Republician Organisation (BRO) from the Overthrow of the Byzantine monarchy in December 2019 until the Byzantine Restoration in August 2020.