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Flag of CELTIC
Coat of arms of CELTIC
Coat of arms
Motto: Relx-Suisani-Idis)
Anthem: Yo tenía un camarada céltico
LocationUruguay, Brasil, Antartica, Omsu
Largest cityRío Branco
Official languagesSpanish, Portuguese, English, Sauresric, Latin, Idini, Idiem, Didic, etc
Demonym(s)Celtic, Gonellasian
GovernmentImperial Celtic Crown
LegislatureCeltic Imperial Congress
Time zone()

The Sovereign Eastern and Apostolic Roman Empire of the Confederation of Independent and Celtic Theocratic Free States of the Great Gonellasia, more commonly known as CELTIC, is a micronation in Uruguay, which is the second micronation founded in that country, after the Republic of Parva Domus. CELTIC was founded on Tuesday, November 11, 2008, being a confederation of several fictional countries called "gonellienses countries", which came together to form a micronation. CELTIC is considered the historical and legal continuation of the Uruguayan Secret Ministry of Sneitersxszian Affairs (MSUAS), which had been founded on Tuesday, March 1, 2005.

CELTIC is a constitutional monarchy, confederal in nature, formed by several regions called "autonomous imperial regions" or RIAs, which in turn are subdivided into feudal constituencies.

Government and politics

CELTIC is a constitutional, theocratic, hereditary, traditional, authoritarian, confederal, foral, and representative monarchy. Sometimes the regime is considered an organic Republic or also called the Sneitersxszian Republic, as it has a broad consensus in the Celtic population, proud of its imperial identity and vocation. However, in CELTIC there is no division of powers, so the Government has all the powers in a single state power.

At the confederal level there is only a single political force, called the Celtic Luxist Movement, which in turn is divided into several currents of opinion, called "lists."

The current Imperial Prime Minister of CELTIC, is Da. Yayita Barrolinas, the Princess of Gribarrolinasia and Emitosia, and Grand Duchess of Finismund. The previous Prime Ministers of the Empire were: first Mr. Roberto Fagúndez Cácerez and then Mr. Antonio Sánchez Hernández.

Imperial Celtic Crown.

The Imperial Celtic Crown is the Gonella-Uruguay Royal Family and is integrated into CELTIC, by the Sovereign Empress and Grand Queen Da. Olga I and the Crown Prince D. Nicolás, who is the President of the Confederation. Currently the Empress and Grand Queen has delegated extensive functions to the Crown Prince, showing rather ceremonial powers; The function of the Crown is the political administration of CELTIC. The Imperial Crown has an initiative in legal matters, sanctions laws, officially promulgates them, can veto them, can rule by decree, grants honors, decorations, titles of nobility, royal pardons.

The Imperial Crown presides over the Celtic Dome, being the Sovereign Empress and Grand Queen the Commander in Chief of the Eastern Reactionary Armed Forces (F.A.R.O.), who occupies the Apostolic Chair and the head of the legislative and judicial branch of state power. The Imperial Crown appoints, in conjunction with the Imperial Celtic Dome, the Imperial Ministers of States, the other officials, the judges, and so on.

The Sovereign Empress and Great Queen owns the property rights over CELTIC, while the Crown Prince owns the copyright of CELTIC.

Imperial Celtic dome.

It is presided, in theory, by the Sovereign Empress and Great Queen, seconded by the Crown Prince or Celticreichsprasident (who has the effective power, according to the powers granted especially by the Constitution) and also integrated by the Celticreichskanzler Da. Yayita Barrolinas and the Minister of Defense and War, Mr. Monitus Troglodytes Pan.

Imperial Celtic Chancellery.

It is chaired by the Prime Minister of the Empire or Celticreichskanzler, who is Imperial Minister of Government and Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as General Manager of the Celtic Diplomacy. Take office, Da. Yayita Barrolinas, Princess of Gribarrolinasia and the Confines, and also Princess of Emitosia, and Grand Duchess of Finismund, daughter of President Nicus.

The Imperial Celtic Chancellery also has legislative advisory functions, together with the Imperial Celtic Congress (Paconsiceg), with an important initiative in legal matters; He may govern by decree with the authorization of the Imperial Crown, if the President delegates functions, in accordance with the Constitution of the Empire.

Currently, however, it is the President who has broad executive and legislative, and judicial powers.

Imperial Council of Ministers.

The Imperial Cabinet is composed of fourteen ministers, plus the Secretary of the Presidency and the Deputy Secretary of the Presidency. Together, the Imperial Council of Ministers is responsible for collaborating with the President and the Sovereign Empress in their work as Government.

It also has contact with the Private Council, typical of the Sovereign Empress, who is in charge of advising her on important and private matters.

Celtic Imperial Congress.

Also known by the name of Paconisceg, it is made up of two Chambers: the Imperial Senate and the Imperial Chamber. The function of the Congress is to advise the Imperial Crown in its legislative functions of Government. It should be clarified that the Congress does not sanction the laws, but gives them a partial sanction, needing the approval of the Sovereign Empress, so that the sanction, and promulgation of the law is effective.


CELTIC is a confessional and theocratic state, very jealous of its Christian religion, which is obliged to maintain the Catholic-Apostolic-Roman cult (pre-conciliar and ultra-montane), in a traditionalist way and as orthodox as possible. The official Celtic religion is thus the Sicárvic Catholic, divided into two sectors: the Truthful and the Digitalis.

In the first sector, the Catholic Church of Tierra Cero is followed, but not the Vatican II sect, but the Athanasian paleosedevacantist traditionalism, considering that the penultimate Pope was Leo XIII and then there were only Antipopes in Rome, until in 2011, the Pope Athanasius restored the pontificate for a few months. Unfortunately, said Pope also fell, excommunicating himself, which was corroborated by the International Council of Kingman (Arizona, United States of America). That Council was conducted by Prince Lord Nicus and the Earl of Rockdale.

In the second sector, the Céltica Conclavista Catholic Church and the Latter-day Flat-Earth Apostolic Christian Church (ICCATUD) are followed, in full communion with the Apostolic and Galactic Catholic Church of La Mermelada (ICAGM), with jurisdiction only in that galaxy, and whose current Pope is Archimedes I, elected in December 2019.

Both Churches or sectors are in full communion with the entire Church of Christ, that is, the Holy Mother Church, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, True (SICARV). Hence the vast majority of the Celts are Siccarvic Catholics.

Also in CELTIC, a Ghibelline Christianity predominates, that is, it is favorable to give importance to the Holy Roman Emperor or Caesar. There are attempts in CELTIC to reconstruct the old Celtic Catholic Rite, at least at the digitalis level; but the majority Tridentine and digitalis mass is the Tridentine Rite of Pope Saint Pius V, with the mass in Latin, established in perpetuity.

In CELTIC, 99.9% - according to the 2014 Imperial Census - of its inhabitants consider themselves Roman Catholics (not counting the claimed population, for which no data is available), while 0.1% consider themselves atheist or agnostic, and of other creeds.


CELTIC has an approximate surface area of 6,824 km2 (of approximate claimed physical territories, not counting the claimed ocean part of five hundred nautical miles) and an estimated digitalis area of 10'510'072'000 km2 (of estimated digitalis territories; and always in expansion).

At the truético level, it has meadows, forests (the forest is called "the Celtic forest", or "the enchanted forest", or "the magic forest" or "the forest of the fairies" or the "Yerbud forest") and not very high hills. There are also rivers, streams and canyons. In the Yerbud forest itself, the Mysterious Island and the Enigmatic archipelago stand out.

In Greater Miklania, the Yerbud forest stands out, to the east of the city of Río Branco and Miklania, in the area of ​​San Servando and La Coronilla (where the current Empress was born); and in the Rochense territory, the Cabo Polonio desert stands out. Lake Merín is one of the largest reserves of fresh water on Tierra Cero. In addition, CELTIC has several exclaves: two in Melo, capital of the Department of Cerro Largo, the exclave of Neyrosia and that of Ovatsugland and Antoriápolis (the latter two constitute part of Ruoland); the Duchy of Heterosland, in the Rincón de Artigas; the Celtic Island, on the triple border between Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil; a secret enclave or "Area 71", in the Department of Treinta y Tres; the secret city of Nuestra Señora de la Inferencia, in the Department of Soriano; and the important exclave of Kastelnia, whose capital is Celtícpolis. This city is located within the city of Montevideo, capital of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

The part most controlled by the Celtic-Gonellian government is its truhetic territories within the scope of private properties, although they claim the entire city of Rio Branco and its surroundings.

The truético territory, not only covers the central part in the "Uy Zone", but also the so-called Celtic Sea (in the Atlantic Ocean) continues to project towards the south, until it reaches the Ice Wall, which is Antarctica. This Wall limits the Zero Earth, of the trans-Antarctic worlds where the Ice giants live. That country constitutes the so-called Kingdom of Gribarrolinasia and the Confines; Therefore, the Sovereign Empress of CELTIC, is also ceremonially Empress of Antarctica and Guardian of the Ice Wall. If that wall fell, the giants would come to unleash the Fat Jodath (Armageddon / Ragnarok / Dagor Dagorath), on the face of Earth Zero, which is the center of the universe (of Ude), whose maximum center is the city of Jerusalem ( the city of the Seven Sacred Hills, with the Seven Portals towards the Seven of Nine). The Kingdom of Gribarrolinasia and the Confines is not only made up of snow, ice and rock, but is also inhabited by penguins, seals, and is full of gold, oil and natural gas. It is remembered that CELTIC has NOT signed the Masonic "Antarctic Treaty", and therefore, CELTIC is the Guardian of the Wall and of the Cosmic Balance. Anyway, that map is skewed, as the center is NOT the North Pole, but as already mentioned above, Jerusalem.

In the digitalis part there are infinities of countries, with deserts, steppes, jungles, forests, mountains, prairies, tundras, glaciers, etcetera; by virtue of the fact that CELTIC encompasses multiple terratars, especially in the Alpha quadrant of the Marmalade galaxy.

The Celtic Space borders the Copusian Space (COPVS), having the Klasterkaum system as contested territory (amicably) between CELTIC and COPVS, which are sister nations. However, there are also Copussian enclaves, in the Chwaszneg system. The other systems of the Ermuech-DC constellation belong to CELTIC; and also some forty-four mining colonies in the Leuramix star cluster. Approximately in the center of the Ermuech-DC constellation, is the gigantic planet Sauroland, with the famous Black Island, to the east. The most important planetary systems both from the cosmographic and economic point of view are the ERC71 / 1 system, considered the center or heart of CELTIC; and the ERC71 / 2 system. In the first one, is the terratar SXS (the very "cultural heart" of CELTIC), formerly called Matrix; where two sovereign countries are located, located in CELTIC: Goballasia and Jeronimasia (Santiagosia was independent, until it was conquered by CELTIC, during the "War against Santiagosia" or "War against the Creeper"). In addition, there are the neighboring planets: Felinoland (which is also a sovereign state, but an ally of CELTIC), Chumpchwania (part of CELTIC), and Afgwa, which is another independent country; and there is also the Underground World (below SXS), and Lagurnoniu, an important tourist center, for its gigantic freshwater lagoon. In the second, ERC71 / 2, another important cultural center is the planet Apland (previously called Ageworld), which has several enclaves of sovereign and independent countries, among which Qindistan, an important Celtic ally, stands out. Important neighboring lands of Apland are: Ghostiño, Verdisindio (famous for its jungles), Giovendií and Salia. In ERC71 / 3, meanwhile, the landmarks Tellusia (with its wealth of energy resources), Mythology (with its varied flora and fauna) and Desérticum (an immense desert planet, with some oases) stand out.

In the Beta quadrant, the most impressive and bloody battles are taking place.

Although CELTIC and COPVS dispute with each other, the territories of the Beta quadrant, do it in a friendly way, and together they fight against the Galactic Republic of Jam, which encompasses the systems of: the Ninth Supreme Juapimatic Empire (IX Ssij), the Central Trade Union of Labor, the Udelárico System (governed by the Republic of Udelaria) and the deplorable and backward Brown System. The contested and demilitarized zone is the Sierra System, a savage system, full of terratars with backward culture, who do not know interplanetary travel, much less interstellar. The Front of the Imperial Remnant (FRI), however, continues to advance on the Beta quadrant. The FRI is a military alliance between CELTIC and COPVS, to which Ecomusia and Felinolandia have also joined.


CELTIC has a national-capitalist economy, of a hybrid nature (truético-digitáltica), being an industrial and agricultural state: it produces rice, wheat, corn, sunflower, sorghum and soybeans. The main industries are dairy and derivatives, paper, cardboard, fertilizers, alcohols, cement, and hydrocarbon refining.

Although mineral and energy resources are scarce in the truético sectors; there are large deposits of gold and oil in hidden areas (they have not been exploited). However, in the digitalis sectors, the Confederation has extensive places with deposits of precious metals, precious stones and hydrocarbons, which are exploited; it also has lenkidamic energy in large thermo-lenkidamic plants.

The services sector (financial, logistics, transport, communications) also stands out, as well as the booming information technology industry, in particular the development of software and related services.

Another of the main economic income is tourism, being Rio Branco and Lago Merín, the main tourist centers, of the truético sectors.

In CELTIC, following the sacred Christian principles of national-capitalism (an integral part of Luxism), economic crimes such as usury and socialism, or fraud are harshly persecuted; but banking secrecy is considered sacred, as well as private property, private initiative, and free enterprise or the sacrosanct free market. The Celtic Imperial State only intervenes in the economy, using protectionist policies, so that the free market prioritizes the national component; hence, the economy is national-capitalist.

In addition, the economic policy of never fighting "inequality" (socialist term) is followed, since the Imperial Celtic Government encourages the rich to be richer, so the poor will be less poor.


CELTIC is unfortunately, despite its booming economy, a very depopulated country due to the terrible wars it has suffered. For this reason, the Government promotes programs such as Fuente de Vida, so that people reproduce and have more children.

The CELTIC claimed tricks area has a higher percentage of European descendants, around 98%, although the remaining 2% are made up of mulattoes, blacks, etc. There is no Amerindian presence within the truhetic territories claimed by CELTIC.

The members of CELTIC, that is, with Celtic citizenship, are all 100% white, descendants of Spanish, Italians, Portuguese and Germans.

In the digitalis parts, there are several human or intelligent races, which are classified as: human, humanoid and inhuman. The Aryan or white human race (leucoderma), is the dominant one in all the Celtic territory, obeying the Sacred Precepts of the Eighty-Eight Great Aryan Clans of the Jam Galaxy.

The Celtic infrastructure at the digitalis level is impressive: spaceships, roads, railways, spaceports, sea and waterways, and so on.

Regarding communications, CELTIC owns at the imperial state level, Radio Imperial Céltica, Imperial Television Céltico-Gonelliense (or CELTIC TV), and now, together with CATV-SXS, it is planning to create a streaming service called CELTIC Play.

As for the Internet, in addition to using the Internet itself, in CELTIC, as well as in other countries of the Jam galaxy, Sneisxsnet is used mostly; being the CELTIC domain, the "cel point" (.cel).


CELTIC's health system is entirely private, financed by private companies, called "sanatoria". There are no "public hospitals", but hospitals (free for the poor) are controlled by the Church.

Statistics (data from the 2014 Imperial Census).

1. Life expectancy at birth (2008 estimate):

to. Total population: 79,115 years.

b. Women: 80.01 years.

c. Males: 78.22 years.

2. Maternal mortality: 11 per 100,000 births.

3. Infant mortality: 12.7 per 1000 children.

4. Infant mortality in children under five years: 18.1 per 1000 children.

5. Literacy:

to. Female: 97.77%.

b. Male: 99.99%.

c. Total: 98.88%.

6. Daily calorie consumption: 2'862 per capita.

7. Drinking water: 99%.

Drinking water and sanitation in CELTIC are in charge of private companies and regional public companies; there are no state public enterprises at the imperial level.

Repression of induced abortion and drugs.

In CELTIC, the genocide of induced abortion is strictly prohibited, a terrible crime, the punishment of which is severe, with harsh prison terms, the doctor or midwife who executes it, and so on. In CELTIC it is also completely prohibited to make an apology for trying to "legalize" the crime of abortion, since said apology is considered as "apology for crime."

In the same way, it is absolutely prohibited in CELTIC, to try to "legalize" all the drugs that are prohibited, which cannot be commercialized or distributed, but only consumed, hidden from the Imperial State, which is immoral to take drugs, but not illegal in CELTIC . However, making an apology for "legalizing" any drug, such as marijuana or tobacco, is making an "apology for crime." The only legal recreational or social drug at CELTIC is alcohol (alcoholic beverages), but few people consume alcohol at CELTIC, and hardly anyone is drunk. Customary drunkards cannot vote in CELTIC.


The following are fundamental principles of Celtic education:




The first principle is that all Catholics should receive a good Catholic education; the second, that education must be private and charged to all those who can pay and only the Church can give free classes to the poorest (in CELTIC there are NO taxes, but only "voluntary donations" from its members, therefore, no one is obliged to the absurdity of paying for the education of others, or of the children of others); and the third is that the State does NOT impose any official paradigm, nor does it force everyone to attend the educational system (but the majority do so, by their own freedom and initiative), and also allows home education or homeschooling / unschooling.

CELTIC literacy is 98.88%, according to data from the 2014 Imperial Census; but it is estimated that by 2020, literacy should have grown to 99.99%.

It is not compulsory to attend educational centers, but education is traditionally divided into:



High school.

Tertiary / university (degrees).

Quaternary (postgraduate).

In general, as it is in health (where male doctors treat men and female doctors treat women), Celtic education is segregated by sex, and in general, male teachers teach males, and female teachers and professors , they teach women.

Ceraria education generally begins at the age of four; Primary education begins at the age of five or six, and ends at the age of thirteen for boys, and at twelve for girls; secondary education begins at the age of thirteen for boys and twelve for girls, and ends at seventeen or eighteen for both sexes; then comes tertiary education, which generally is for the best who have passed primary and secondary education; and so on, until reaching the quaternary education, which only a few manage to reach and complete.

There is no common uniform in the various colleges or teaching centers of the Empire, but each school (primary) or lyceum (secondary) or university (tertiary), have their own uniforms, or lack them, depending on each case. Many people, mainly from the upper or middle classes, tend to educate themselves at home, in primary and secondary education, and then take the entrance exam directly at the universities. Except for distance courses, university is not usually done at home; but ultimately, what matters is what each one has learned and shows it in the exams, instead of that progressive nonsense of "socializing" (something typical of socialism).

Human socialization interactions are achieved through friendships between families, which also arrange marriages for their children, mainly in the upper and middle classes, but also in the vast majority of the lower classes. This hippie counterculture that "people choose without rhyme or reason, their own partner" is NOT accepted in CELTIC. For this reason, men are educated to have a good job and economic success in life; while women are raised to be good wives and mothers.

The most prestigious Celtic universities are:

Miklania Imperial University.

Imperial University of Rio Branco.

Royal University of Celtícpolis.

Royal University of Gonellápolis.

Royal University of Nicotropolis.

Nickcity Royal University.

Royal University of Emitotropolis.

Royal University of Jorgépolis.

Diocesal University of Neyrápolis.

Human rights

As CELTIC is not part of the UN, it has not signed any Treaty (of the UN), on the defense of human rights; nor has it adhered to any, unilaterally.

List of some human and civil rights:

Human rights against tupamara oppression: In CELTIC it is said "NEVER MORE", to Tupamaro terrorism, supporting the Uruguayan Celtic and macro-national military, against Tupamaro terrorism, exercised by the Tupa-ZOG State.

Legislation on crimes under international law: CELTIC adheres to all the V SUIS Protocols, against crimes under international law, such as drug trafficking, terrorism or genocide.

Religious freedom of the Catholic faith: CELTIC defends the Catholic faith and allows the freedom to exercise Catholic worship, and also other worship (people who are not Catholic), but in a private and discreet sphere, as long as they do not oppose it. Celtic Imperial State. CELTIC is a confessional Catholic country, and allegiance is sworn to the Holy Bible for public office.

Right to human life: It goes from conception to the natural death of the human person. The right to life ceases, according to the Constitution itself, in three circumstances: legitimate defense, just war, or application of the death penalty. This is in complete accordance with the teachings of the Holy Mother Church (it is based on the Holy Bible).

Rights of the family and rights of the child: According to the Celtic Constitution, the family constitutes the basis of society, and marriage is the basis of the family, and attempting against them is a crime. Families serve to care for and protect children, so that they develop well and become good adults. For this reason, in CELTIC, homosexual aberrations or other degenerations are prohibited, and only Christian or natural marriage between a man and a woman, of the same race, is encouraged within the Law, in the eyes of God and men. In CELTIC, induced abortion, artificial contraceptives and so-called "natural" methods (except rhythm or abstinence, and during breastfeeding) are prohibited; There is NO divorce (only "separation of bodies") and fornication is socially condemned, while adultery is a crime. Bigamy and polygamy are not allowed for Catholics, although they are minor crimes compared to the aberration of adultery, or the depravity of perfect sodomy (homosexuality). Homosexuals / transsexuals (sexually inverted or depraved) cannot marry, adopt children, enter the Armed Forces, nor can they donate blood to CELTIC. The "kandas" (transsexuals), in fact, are expelled from CELTIC, because the Bible teaches that it is abomination for a person to dress in the clothes of the opposite sex, and even more aberration is to try to change the nature of one's own body (" trans ideology ").

Rights of European-descendants: They are the so-called Creoles in CELTIC, or also Aryans or Winkas, and they have rights not to be negatively discriminated against, nor is it allowed in CELTIC to insinuate that the white genocide that exists in Tierra Cero is a "lie" or "conspiracy theory" as the phony of the (((Wikipedia))) does. At CELTIC, the right of all races to exist is defended and no one is negatively discriminated against, be it white, black, yellow, red, etc.

Right to health: At CELTIC, health is a right, private to people, and it is not seen from collectivist points of view; however, all recreational drugs, with the exception of alcohol, are heavily penalized.

Intrafamily violence: Intrafamily violence is penalized in CELTIC, as long as it is really violent and of a physical nature (not verbal or "emotional", since that does not make sense, because violence, unfortunately, we all commit); regardless of whether it is towards men or women. Both types of violence are punished with exactly the same degree of severity, and it is forbidden to suggest legal aberrations such as the criminal figure of "feminicide", since if it were created, "andricide" would also have to be done, and those things make no sense , since murdering a woman is of the same criminal value as murdering a man: both are homicides, and in CELTIC, they are punished with the death penalty (generally by hanging).

Social security and labor rights: The Statute of the Imperial Official is one of the laws that establish and ensure the rights of workers. At CELTIC, there is the right to work and rest; but there is a ban on strikes and occupations; while unionism can only be vertical or corporatist, and never horizontal or communist. If a subversive tries to strike, the employer has the right to dismiss him without hesitation, and if he dares to occupy a company, by virtue of the right to private property, the employer in question has the power to call the Police or expel him himself with your own strength (including firearms).

Right to decent housing: The Imperial Celtic Constitution also enshrines and guarantees the right to decent housing for all citizens of the Confederacy. This right goes hand in hand with the right to private property and to be able to defend (legitimate defense) said property, including with firearms, for example, blowing the head of a criminal who comes to rob the private house of an honest citizen. . Unlike in certain progressive countries, where someone who defends his property is prosecuted with prison, in CELTIC, the police and judicial authorities award him a medal, for his contribution to society, of having eliminated a criminal (ie that is, policy of "public thanks for every thug there is").

Right to liberty, justice and honor: In CELTIC, the Imperial Constitution consecrates and guarantees that all people are free and not slaves, which includes not only the right to life and honor, but to property. private. This also includes the right to carry firearms and to self-defense, a right which does a great favor to the Police and the bailiffs and Justice officials of the Empire and its constituent RIAs. In CELTIC, therefore, there is honor, and the right to Justice, for which the leading kings of the RIAs and their vassal feudal lords are obliged to impart justice to their respective subjects, repressing criminals and hanging the worst criminals. as murderers or traitors to the Crown. In addition, in CELTIC, there is the figure of the "collaborator of Justice", who can be of two types: puncher, in the religious sphere, which is the person who collaborates with the Holy Inquisition, hunting witches or suspected of heresy; and a bounty hunter or legal vigilante, who is that person who collaborates with ordinary justice, that is, one who represses secular crimes. However, it should be noted that the so-called "justice by own hand", vendettas or duels to the death, are prohibited in CELTIC.

Right to security: Related to the previous point, in CELTIC the Imperial State and especially those of the RIAs, have the moral and legal obligation to ensure that their citizens live in safe places, full of peace and harmony. For this reason, the kings and feudal lords severely repress any source of violence, subversion or riot. Honest citizens not only have the right to bear arms, but to associate with honest neighbors and create militias, either to protect the neighborhood from crooks, or to protect the borders, from illegal and undocumented immigrants.

Right to education: In CELTIC education is free and private; free only for the poor, such education being financed by the Holy Mother Church (through the generous donations it receives from the noble and wealthy men of the Empire). Educational freedom implies that home or home education (homeschooling / unschooling) is allowed in CELTIC, very unlike other totalitarian and communist states, such as the Uruguayan macroeconomy, which aims to monopolize all power, in the hands of the State itself (omnimous).

Freedom of the press, chair and opinion: Together with the above, as in CELTIC there is educational freedom, this implies freedom of chair, press and opinion; And very unlike most of the progressive states of Tierra Cero, in the West, both in America and Europe (especially Europe), in CELTIC you can say anything, such as things against democracy or the whining of the progres. In CELTIC no one is imprisoned, for having a different opinion, much less for telling the truth, unlike certain progressive countries, where under the orders of the Nose, anti-Zionists are persecuted, branded as "anti-Semites", an ignorant term, since anti-Zionists and anti-Jews are not usually against the Arabs (other Semites), but rather on the contrary, CELTIC was always in favor of Palestine and the Arabs in general, in addition to that CELTIC sympathizes much more with the Islamics, than with the pagans and Western pseudo-Christians (from the "rotten, decadent and degenerate West").


Some of the main sports practiced in CELTIC are the following:

Crazy football or lock football: It consists of scoring goals with a spherical ball, on a field, in a similar way to football, but "crazy", often with infantry and cavalry, and fighting and hitting each other as in rugby (the sport actually has a "crazy" part and a "common" part, not being able to make mistakes in the common part). CELTIC in this sport, integrates the Sneisxstifap, and is always willing to participate in world championships.

Crazy basketball or lockbasketball: It is similar to ordinary basketball, but crazy, similar to crazy football, in that sense. In this sport, CELTIC, integrates the LIMELOB (Mermeládica Lockbasketbol League).

Crazy boxing or lockboxeus: It is a sport very similar to Thai boxing, only more crazy, also similar to wrestling, with the difference that the fighters do not wear masks or costumes. CELTIC in this sport, is part of the CIMBOL (International Mermeládic Confederation of Crazy Boxing).

Celtic Golf: It is a national sport of CELTIC, which does not integrate any international league, but it is famous for being one of the sports practiced by President Nicus. It consists of hitting a ball with a stick, so that it falls into holes, but doing it in a crazy way, unlike common golf or Earth golf.

Stick-making: Another Celtic national sport, which is similar to field hockey, but only in a crazy way, and you have to score goals, too.

Throwing teaspoons: Celtic sport, widely practiced by the Celtic nobility, which consists of throwing teaspoons after drinking coffee, tea or chocolate (or similar drinks), throwing them into the basin or sink; Whoever throws the spoon down more towards the center, more times, wins.

Race of the Five Hundred: It consists of a race of land vehicles with wheels (cars, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, trucks, tractors, etc.), where you can cheat (without taking shortcuts), going through a difficult road, of five hundred megameters away. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins.

Celtic Jousting: It is another sport, practiced by the nobility in which the rival knight or paladin must be pulled from the horse with a spear.

Celtic Fencing: Similar to common fencing, only with Celtic combat techniques; whoever does more lunges at his opponent wins.