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Atlian Audiovisual Broadcasting Channel
Canal de Transmisión Audiovisual Atlio
Type Statutory corporation
Industry Mass media
Founded 2019
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Nova Atlium
Employees 1
Executive Prince Luis Marcel
Services News Outlet, Blog, Audiovisual Content

The Atlian Audiovisual Broadcasting Channel (Spanish: Canal de Transmisión Audiovisual Atlio) is the public broadcaster of the Kingdom of Atlia. It is officially an independent media company, but still administrated by the Prince-Regent Luis Marcel. CTAVA was established by Luis Marcel of Atlia in December 2019 for the purpose of providing Atlian citizens with a means by which to post audiovisual content for both Atlia and the intermicronational community.

At the moment it’s the only media company in Atlia. In October 2020, a blog was created with the purpose of providing further reach to more people of the information of the Channel. Originally part of the Ministry of Telecommunications, it was converted officially into an independent company on the 20th of April, 2021.[1] On the 1st of November, 2020, the official Twitter account posted its first tweet.[2] Since then it has been fully administrated by Prince Luis Marcel of Atlia, due to the lack of people involved in it.


At the moment, there just exist two unofficial divisions of CTAVA:


The first online presence of the CTAVA started with a YouTube channel, being inaugurated by Prince Luis Marcel and then Minister of Telecommunications, Dafne Santamaría. At the start, only audio content was released. That changed with the Amigo-Frend Week 2020, where CTAVA broadcasted its first visual content live.[3] Since its creation, most of CTAVA’s content has been official announcements by Prince Luis Marcel, or Christmas and New Year’s Addresses.


By October 2020, it was deemed necessary to expand the CTAVA’s platform, and a news blog was created. Since its implementation, it has mainly reported news from Atlia, with the occasional article on another nation or event happening within the micronational community. Even though CTAVA isn’t dependent on the government by decree, CTAVA Blog has been the official publishing medium of the Government Activity Summaries since its creation in January 2021.

Notable Milestones

First Broadcast

The first-ever broadcast for Atlia was broadcasted live on the 3rd of December 2019. It featured an inauguration speech by Prince Luis and a message from the then Minister of Telecommunications Dafne Santamaría. This was also the first live broadcast ever for the channel.[4]

First Video Broadcast

The first video broadcast was uploaded on the 20th of March, 2020. It's a small clay animation done by Avenida 331, originally made for her YouTube channel; she gave CTAVA permission to re-upload it.[5]

First Broadcast with English subtitles

The first broadcast with English subtitles was uploaded on the 1st June 2020. The subtitles were added to consider the minority of only-English speakers in the Kingdom, as well as making it more accessible for the wider micronational community. The video is an address of Prince-Regent Luis Marcel to the citizens of the Kingdom of Atlia, announcing the postponement of the activities, gatherings and celebrations that the Atlian government had planned for the second half of 2020, by also giving a message of endurance and hope for the future.[6]

First Live Audiovisual Broadcast

Broadcasted live on the 26th July 2020. It was the opening speech of the Amigo-Frend Week 2020, a cultural exchange between the Kingdom of Atlia and the Grand Duchy of Misberia (Now Principality of Misberia). Hosted by both heads of state, Luis Marcel of Atlia and Otto Gillespie Birch respectively. A problem with a software in the broadcast avoided the voice of the Prince Regent Luis Marcel to be heard during the whole broadcast.[7]

First post on CTAVA Blog

The first blog post on CTAVA Blog was published on 29 October 2020. It features the withdrawal of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall from the Grand Unified Micronational and its plans for further interactions with the micronational community. CTAVA was present at the press conference that H.I.M. Thomas of Hrafnarfjall held following the events regarding his Kingdom.

First tweet of CTAVA

The first tweet of CTAVA was posted on the 1st of November 2020. It featured the link to the article on CTAVA Blog Múltiples naciones firman la Convención de Halcyon (Multiple micronations sign the Halcyon Convention)[8] .

CTAVA Blog, English translation

A blog post was translated into English and was posted on the 15th July 2021 on Twitter. It announced the addition to CTAVA Blog to a translated page in English, with articles, old and new, now translated. It was later discovered that the translated links automatically change back to Spanish, easily fixed by manually changing the language back on the CTAVA Blog webpage.[9]