Cabinet of Kohlandia

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Executive Cabinet of the
Kingdom of Kohlandia
Coat of arms or logo
Administrative body
Meeting place
Norton House, Dunhallow

The Cabinet of the Kingdom of Kohlandia is the executive branch of the Kohlandian Government, responsible for all executive and administrative duties flowing from the governance of the Kingdom. The head of the Cabinet is the Prime Minister, who appoints all other members of the Cabinet from the pool of eligible adult Kohlandian citizens. The consent of the Monarch is not required for the appointment of Ministers, the positions fall solely within the gift of the Prime Minister.

Under Kohlandian Law, the Monarch may attend any and all Cabinet meetings and take part in any and all Cabinet discussions, but the presence of the Monarch is not required in order for Cabinet to function.

Cabinet Ministries

The Prime Minister is not limited in the number of people he or she can appoint to the Cabinet, although the number is usually kept to a minimum purely to keep meetings manageable. Ministers can usually be expected to be appointed to Deputy Prime Minister, Chancellor, Foreign Office, Home Office, and Chief Attorney portfolios under any Prime Minister.

Other Ministers may receive one or several portfolios covering Justice, Culture, Sport, Media, Sciences, Planning & Development, Equalities, and Agriculture. Whether any of these portfolios are merged into one Ministry or handed out separately will depend on how important the Prime Minister deems those portfolios to be for the duration of a given Parliamentary term.

Ministers may be appointed for any length of time the Prime Minister deems necessary but it is usually understood that a Minister will stay in position until they personally resign, are removed from office by the Prime Minister, or Parliament is ended for a General Election. Additionally, if a Prime Minister resigns or is forced to step down, all Ministers automatically lose their portfolios and leave office.

Current Cabinet

As no Prime Minister has yet been elected, no cabinet has yet been formed.

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