Cabinet of Ministers (FBU)

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Third Mibu Cabinet
ministry of Brotherhood of the United Blocks

Date formed 8 November 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Mibu
Head of state H.M. Queen Constanța I
No. of ministers 5
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 5
Member party One for All
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party Work for Progress
Opposition leader miha_ella
Election(s) 2022
Legislature term(s) VII Legislature
Previous j.vazir Cabinet

The Cabinet of Ministers is the central government of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks led by the President of the Cabinet (Prime Minister/Premier) who appoints the ministers, and they are collectively responsible to the Șuetă.

Normally the Cabinet is formed following the parliamentary elections by the party that won the majority and is then inaugurated by Șuetă, although through a motion of no confidence the Cabinet can be changed. Each minister is responsible for a specific portfolio, whose domain he is knowledgeable about and implements the government plan.

Ministerial structure

The composition of the Cabinet is decided by the President of the Cabinet of Ministers (Prime Minister), but validated by Șuetă. Currently the Cabinet structure is:

  • The President of the Cabinet of Ministers (PCM) leads the Cabinet and represents it in relations with state institutions, but also in the field of international relations.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) carries out the foreign policy of the state.
  • The Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA) leads the activity of the internal intelligence service, ensures the protection of dignitaries and civilians, handles the organization of population records.
  • The Minister of Media (MM) ensures the control over the information of public interest and promotes the program of the Cabinet.
  • The Minister of Constructions (MC) elaborates plans regarding the urban aspect of public works as well as designs constructions of public utility.

Current cabinet=

Portofolio Minister Party In office since Term end
President of the Cabinet Mibu One for All 8 November 2022 Incumbent
Deputy PCM & Minister of Constructions Aviis One for All 28 April 2023 Incumbent
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicholas One for All 26 May 2022 Incumbent
Minister of Internal Affairs bae201 Independent 18 January 2023 Incumbent
Minister of Media MoonSoul Independent 28 April 2023 Incumbent

Former cabinets