Caidanian general election, 2018

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Caidanian general election, 2018
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Parlament de Caïd
2 March 2018
Political Party New Center Coalition (CNC) Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd (PSDC-EC) Caïd Democratic Union (UDC)
Candidate Joan Hereu i Coma Candreu Marfany i Valls Sòcrates Mussol
Popular Vote 24 18 11
Percentage 45'28% 33'96% 20'75%
Seats won 4/8 3/8 1/8
Seats change Steady Steady Steady

Fulfilling the constituent pact, the President of Caïd called elections to the Parliament of Caïd on March 2, 2018. The elections followed the current electoral law, which includes 8 seats to be divided by a system of 4 electoral districts.


Fulfilling the pact made between the parties, President Hereu called for elections on March 2, 2018. The pact, signed in 2017, consisted of elections being held every year until the constitution was approved.

The centrists and the social democrats had as objective for the 2018 legislature the finalization of the constitution project and its subsequent approval.

As a backdrop, days before the campaign began, rumors began to circulate that Inocènci Gos, Secretary of State of the UDC planned to withdraw the right to vote for citizens without permanence in the country. The Social Democrats, who would be the most affected if such a law were enacted, tried to take electoral party with this. In the end, the government allowed all citizens to vote, but did not let those without nationality show up to be elected.


New Center Coalition (CNC)

  • Electoral slogan: Amb tu, el centre avança (With you, the center advances)

The electoral campaign of the centrists was based on highlighting the achievements of the government so far. They also promoted the figure of their leader, Joan Hereu as a great statesman. Finally, they appealed to the approval of the constitution, to the stability of the country and to the figure of former President Saints.

Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd (PSDC-EC)

  • Electoral slogan: Ara és el moment del poble: parla (Now is the time of the people: talk)

The leftist coalition presented Candreu Marfany as candidate, which had already run for the 2017 elections. One of the main axes on which the electoral campaign was moved was the state of citizens without nationality, to whom previous legislature the secretary of state of the UDC had considered removing the right to vote. Despite this, they did not manage to visibly improve their results, obtaining only 2 more votes.

Caïd Democratic Union (UDC)

  • Electoral slogan: La força del seny (The force of common sense)

The electoral campaign of the monarchist conservatives was one of the poorest and simplest. The UDC presented as candidate to Sòcrates Mussol, although the real candidate to the presidency of the republic would be as always Joana Ribes. In their campaign, the conservatives hardened their ideological positions and their message towards centrists and republicans.


As for the distribution of seats, the result is identical to that of the last elections of 2017. The moderate centrists win the elections, but they stay 1 seat to obtain an absolute majority. The monarchist conservatives get a seat and complain that with an electoral law of a single constituency they would have achieved 2.

Popular vote

Elected MPs

District MP Party
Nord-Horovitz Nendo Nook CNC
Sisebuto Mustela CNC
Candreu Marfany i Valls PSDC-EC
Mig-Saubrème Joan Hereu i Coma CNC
Fauno Gos PSDC-EC
Joana Ribes de Cortellès UDC
Sud-Marítim Forma-T-Ado PSDC-EC
Kappa Islands Josep Kappa CNC

Aftermath and government formation

After the elections, Joan Hereu was appointed President for the second consecutive term after having agreed to his investment through a pact with the monarchist conservatives who this time decided not to enter the government. Since then, the countdown to the approval of the Constitution and the referendum call in December 2018 will begin.