Caladonian National Space Agency

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Caladonian National Space Agency
Official logo of the CNSA

Motto "Exploration for the Nation"
Establishment January 17, 2012
Jurisdiction President of Caladonia
Headquarters Moncur
Affliation Republic of Caladonia
Next Planned Lanuch N/A
Flights N/A
Current Program
  • Testing of Shuttle Caladonia
Aims Exploration of the Universe
Employees 4

The CNSA is the official space agency of the Republic of Caladonia. It is currently running tests virtually, using the programs Orbiter Space Flight Simulator & Kerbal Space Program. Being in the testing stage nothing has been launched into space by the CNSA (yet).

The CNSA is a member of the Micronational Space Agency

Due to funds, the CNSA uses virtual testing and rockets. The CNSA is mostly for astronomy, etc and less about Space Travel.

Planned Missions

No. Program Badge Launch vehicle Launch Date Aim Notes
Caladonia N/A N/A N/A 1 February 2012 To land on the moon Mission was successful

Latest mission pictures





Being a micronational space agency there are no real astro/cosmonauts onboard the spacecraft however the CNSA will allow for countries to be involved or credited in the missions if they assist the CNSA pre-mission by such things as suggesting missions, preforming missions with CNSA assistance or anything along these lines.

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