Caladonian Parliament

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Parliament of Caladonia
Coat of arms or logo
First Minister of Caladonia
Grant Booth, CNP
since Caladonian parliamentary election, 5 April 2014
Deputy First Minister
Sam Booth, Greens
since Caladonian parliamentary election, 5 April 2014
Presiding Officer
Mary MacGregor
Seats3 MCPs (Parliamentarians)
Caladonian Parliament political groups
  •   CNP (1)

Opposition Parties

Presiding Officer

  •   PO (1)
Caladonian Parliament voting system
Caladonian Parliament last election
Caladonian parliamentary elections, 5 April 2014
Meeting place
Caladonian Parliament Chamber, Ballumbie, Caladonia, DWFR

The Caladonian Parliament is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Caladonia. The Parliament is an elected body which consists of the 1 elected representative of the three constituencies of Caladonia, the party/representative with the most votes become First Minister. The candidates are currently elected using First Past the Post but a hybrid of the AMS and AV voting system is to implemented.


The Caladonian Parliament was created soon after Caladonia joined the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic. Created with 3 seats consisting of elected representatives of each constituency. On 20 September 2013 the Caladonian Green Party won the first election. Winning 2 seats in the parliament with the other being held by CDP candidate James MacGregor. In the February election of 2014 the Green party remained as the dominant party within Caladonia with Grant Booth being elected to serve as FM. James MacGregor was elected to serve as a councilor for Moncur, where he received 100% of the vote.

Previous First Ministers

Name of Ministers Start of Term End of Term
First Minister
Grant Booth February 2014 Present
Bradley Booth 20 September 2013 February 2014


Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats
Caladonian Parliament
CNP CNP Grant Booth Centre-left Yellow
1 / 3
CDP CDP James MacGregor Far-Right Blue
1 / 3
Greens Greens Sam Booth Centre-left Green
1 / 3

Members of Parliament

Positions for Ministers Name of Ministers Date Since
First Minister Grant Booth 5 April 2014
Deputy First Minister Sam Booth 5 April 2014
Home Affairs James MacGregor 5 April 2014


Positions for Ministers Name of Ministers Date Since
Internal Minister Sam Booth 5 April 2014
Energy Minister Grant Booth 20 September 2013
Sport & Culture Minister James MacGregor 5 April 2014

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