Callum Russell

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Callum Russell
Born29 May 2008
ResidenceKersika, Concordian Republic
NationalityAustralian, Concordian
CitizenshipAustralia, Concordian Republic
OfficePresident of the Concordian Republic
AwardsConcordian Medal of Fortitude, Concordian Service Medal

Callum Russell was the President of the Concordian Republic from 23 August to 8 September 2022. He was re-established as the President of Concordia on August 23, 2022, following Kerguel's dissolution. He was also formerly President of the Concordian Republic from 30 June 2021 until 1 July 2022, and King of the Crown Republic of Flinders from 18 June to 7 July 2022. He was a member of the House of Batternia before its dissolution on 8 July 2022. He received two awards, the Concordian Service Medal for public service and the Concordian Medal of Fortitude for defence of the nation during the Aeonian and Guardsman's Wars.

Prior to Concordia

A view of Kersika, lifetime home of Russell.

Russell was born in Kersika on 29 May 2008. He attended schools in his local area, where he was recognised for his academic achievements. He was able to join the GAT (Gifted and Talented) program to begin high school in 2020. Prior to the foundation of the Concordian Republic, he had founded multiple other nations. Namely among these were Novadonia, and its lesser known successor, Viridiland. He founded the Concordian Republic aged 13, on 30 June 2021.

Concordian Republic

Russell became Governor of the Concordian Republic on the day of founding, 30 June 2021. He was heavily involved in the early Concordia, being completely responsible for the nation's early growth. On September 6, 2021, he ascended from his role of Governor to become President of the Concordian Republic. He retained this role through the Aeonian War on 21 November, bringing the Concordian Republic to a victory over rival McKenzie Arra's Republic of Aeonia. He also headed the National Cabinet beginning on 27 March. He also was re-elected during the Concordian Republic's March–April 2022 elections. However, the nation fell into inactivity following Russell's disinterest through June, and eventual resignation on July 1.

Departure from Concordia

For a brief time, Russell left the Concordian Republic due to general disinterest. This period lasted about two months.

Crown Republic of Flinders

The Cross of Batternia on a shield is overlaid with a crowned fish.
Callum Russell's coat of arms during his tenure as King of Flinders.

After becoming disillusioned with the clunky politics of the Concordian Republic in mid-June 2022, Russell concluded the best solution was to start a new nation. He eventually named the nation Flinders, for reasons generally unknown. On 18 June 2022, he took the role of King of Flinders. He formally resigned from all involvement in the Concordian Republic 13 days later, on 1 July, and was due to be coronated on 18 July 2022. However, as the possibility of a merge between Flinders and the Concordian Republic grew, he slowly receded from political activity in Flinders, before completely leaving the nation to Crown Princess Mackenzie I on 8 July.

Ithycan Confusion

Following his departure from the Crown Republic of Flinders, Russell considered himself Administrator of the Treaty of Ithyca. Ithyca was a union between the Concordian Republic and Flinders, which was signed onto by President Ceklic and Crown Princess Mackenzie of the respective nations. However, following the signatures, Russell became interested in the Saint Alouarn Islands, an island chain off the coast of Leeuwin, in Western Australia. On 7 August 2022, he declared the Republic of Shetvik & St Alouarn independent from Australia, effectively terminating his Fedasship in Ithyca to become the SSA's President. From there, the nations of Ithyca and Shetvik & St Alouarn were briefly reunited under the 'Federal Republic of Ithyca', which was quickly terminated in favour of the Federal Republic of Kerguel on August 17. He was then the President of Kerguel for six days, until 23 August 2022. It was on that day he resigned from Kerguel, and terminated its existence. This span of about a month and a half was known as the ‘Ithycan Confusion’, due to the ever-changing set of nations, totalling four across just seven weeks.

Second Republic of Concordia

Russell resigned from both Ithyca and Kerguel on 23 August 2022. This was because he had retaken interest in the Concordian Republic, which he decided to lift from inactivity to form the second republic of Concordia. He renamed some areas, and brought a lot of new territory to the Republic. The day after, Russell emailed out a public feedback survey to the citizens of the Concordian Republic to gain their insight on the new Republic. On 24 August, he instated the new Council of Representatives, which he would later become Presiding Officer on 30 August. Little activity followed in the Concordian Republic until its dissolution on 23 September 2022, when it was effectively replaced by the Alsann Republic. Russell disappeared from micronationalism under that pseudonym on 8 September 2022, however remains both a micronationalist and a living person.